Droit de la distribution (ed.9), Didier FERRIER and Nicolas FERRIER

Didier Ferrier, Nicolas Ferrier

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Distribution law is at the intersection of economic analysis and contractual practice in the marketing of products and services.

It governs the organization and the realization of the exchange by contracts taking into account the legal and regulatory constraints, particularly those of the economic public order of direction and protection.

These constraints are analysed by the authors through the study of contracts allowing the transfer of products or the provision of services: contracts of sale or provision of services between professionals as well as between professionals and consumers, commercial agency, commission, brokerage, exclusive supply, selective and exclusive distribution, concession, franchising, but also grouping contracts between distributors.

You will find in this book all the law of distribution in a single work: the elementary operations (diffusion, sale, provision of services) as well as the complex operations (network and grouping agreements) are treated.


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Didier Ferrier, Nicolas Ferrier, Droit de la distribution (ed.9), Didier FERRIER and Nicolas FERRIER, November 2020, Concurrences N° 4-2020, Art. N° 102569

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