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This section of the review Concurrences selects articles and working papers on themes related to competition laws and economics, mainly, but not only, in the English and French languages. This compilation does not attempt to be exhaustive but rather a survey on themes important in the area. The survey usually covers publications over the last three months after release of the latest issue of Concurrences. Articles and working papers published on the Internet only are also welcome. Authors, editors and publishers are welcome to send their papers to : for review in this section.

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1. General - Scope of application

AFEC Symposium of 14 March 2017 (Proceedings)

AFEC Symposium of March 14, 2017 - Introduction J.-L. Fourgoux, (Contracts, conc., consom. juil. 2017, no. 7, file 1)

News 2016 on European and French competition law I. de Silva, (Contracts, Consumer Conc., July 2017, No. 7, file 2)

Anti-competitive practice decisions of the Competition Authority - 2016 Review - Afec Jeunes J. Bombardier, (M. Vaz d’Almeida, Contracts, conc., consom. juil. 2017, no. 7, file 9)

An Economic Analysis of the Single Economic Entity Doctrine in EU Competition Law? C. Koenig (Journal of Competition Law & Economics, 133, 2, June 2017, pp. 281-327)

Behavioural economics: the lessons for regulators M. Walker (European Competition Journal, 13, 1, 2017, pp. 1-27)

Special section on Advances in the Analysis of Competition Policy and Regulation Edited by J. Harrington and Y. Spiegel (International Journal of Industrial Organization, 53, September, pp. 240-398)

Symposium: Conditional Pricing Practices Edited by S. Sun (Antitrust Law Journal, 81, 2)

Statistical Significance and Statistical Error in Antitrust Analysis P. Johnson, E. Leamer, and J. Leitzinger (Antitrust Law Journal, 81, 2)

Network Effects: March to the evidence, not to the slogans D.S. Evans and R. Schmalensee (Antitrust Chronicle, Summer 2017, 1, 3)

Measuring Market Power in Multi-Sided Markets K. Collyer, H. Mullan and N. Timan (Antitrust Chronicle, Summer 2017, 1, 3)

Turning the corner: the Internet of (moving) things Y. Botteman, A. J. Larocca and J. Sallet (CPI Antitrust Chronicle, September 2017)

Privacy fixing and predatory fixing: the intersection of Big Data, privacy policies and antitrust B. R. Dryden and S. Iyer (CPI Antitrust Chronicle, September 2017)

Defining non-economic activities in competition law E. Kloosterhuis (European Competition Journal, Vol. 13, 2017, Issue 1)

How the Uber & Lyft case provides an impetus to re-examine buyer power in the worlds of big data and algorithms I.H. Anchustegui and J. Nowag (Lund University, July 2017)

Applying EU competition law to online platforms: the road ahead - part 1 D. Mandrescu (European Competition Law Review, Vol. 38, Issue 8 - 2017, p. 353)

Activity of the European Union Courts in competition law (September 2016)(October-November 2016) P. Arhel (Petites affiches, 26 Jul. 2017, no. 148, p. 4; Petites affiches, 3 Aug. 2017, no. 154, p. 7)

Competition Chronicle L. Idot (Europe, July 2017, No. 7, comm. 273-274 and 282-285; August-September 2017, No. 8, comm. 313 and 329-331)

Competition Chronicle D. Bosco and G. Decocq (Contracts, conc., consom. Jul. 2017, no. 6, comm. 130 to 135; Jul. 2017, no. 7, comm. 154 to 158; Aug. 2017, no. 8, comm. 181 to 184)

Competition Chronicle M. Behar-Touchais and C. Prieto, (Contract Review, 2017/3, Sept. 2017, p. 505)

Competition Chronicle (RJDA, No. 7/2017, July 2017, p. 577; RJDA, No. 8-9/2017, August-September 2017, p. 676)

Competition Chronicle E. Claudel (RTD com., No. 2, Apr-June 2017, p. 305)

Unfair Competition Law Chronicle A.Ballo-Lenat and G. Decocq (La semaine juridique, Entreprise et Affaires, No. 29, 20 July 2017, p. 30)

2. Agreements

2.1. General

Vertical Integration and Downstream Collusion S. Biancini and D. Ettinger (International Journal of Industrial Organization, 53, September 2017, pp. 99-113)

What Can the Duration of discovered Cartels Tell Us About the Duration of All Cartels? J.E. Harrington Jr. and Y. Wei (Economic Journal, 127, 604, September 2017, pp. 1977-2005)

Pay-for-delay Agreements: Why the EU Should Judge them by their Effects N. Ska, P. Werner and C. Paul (JECLAP 2017, Vol. 8, No. 7)

Excusive dealing agreements within the scope of Block Exemption Regulation Dr. M. Mech (European Competition Law Review, Vol. 38, Issue 8 - 2017, p. 366)

2.2. Distribution

Refusal to renew a selective distribution contract A.-S. Choné-Grimaldi (JCP ed. E, No. 27, 6 Jul. 2017, 1381)

3. Abuse of dominance

Anti-competitive practices: record fine for Google Interview with Isabelle de Silva (D. 3 August. 2017, no. 28, 1648)

The tariff scissor test in practice: the challenges of its implementation O. Sautel and A. Muñoz (RLC 2017/63, No. 3224, p. 36)

Multiple Product Discounts: A Comparative EU/US Competition Law Perspective J. M. Strader (World Competition 40, No. 3, 2017)

A preliminary assessment of the European Commission’s Google search decision P. Akman (CPI Antitrust Chronicle, September 2017)

The prohibition of single-firm market abuses: U.S. monopolization versus E.U. abuse of dominance F. Marcos (Working paper, IE Law School, May 2017)

Musthavedness R. M. Steuer (Antitrust Law Journal, Vol. 81, No. 2, 2017)

The difficult characterization of predation or eviction practices in an emerging market: commentary on the ADLC’s decision of June 1, 2017, No. 17-D-08, relating to practices implemented in the passenger transport sector R. Lanneau (Administrative Law, August-September 2017, Nos. 8-9, p. 46)

4. Restrictive practices

The limitation of the scope of application of Article L. 442-6, I, 2° of the Commercial Code by the specialia generalibus rule derogating from M. Behar-Touchais (JCP ed. G, No. 27, 3 Jul. 2017, 763)

V. also, The terms and conditions of withdrawal of membership of an EIG are excluded from the scope of application of Article L. 442-6, I, 2° of the Commercial Code (Com. 11 May 2017, No. 14-29.717), F. Buy and J.-C. Roda (AJ Contrat, No. 7, Jul. 2017, p. 337)

The contributions of the Sapin II law of 9 December 2016 in terms of distribution J.-B. Gouache and M. Behar-Touchais (Contracts, conc., consom. Jul. 2017, no. 6, study 7)

Accuracy and transparency: a multi-stakeholder relationship in the context of restrictive competition practices and trade relations in general J.-M. Vertut (RLC 2017/63, No. 3226, p. 43).

The Bricorama ruling or the relationship between the transaction and the law on restrictive practices of competition Mr. Behar-Touchais (Contract Review, 2017/3, Sept. 2017, p. 468)

The significant imbalance and the contract constituting a grouping (note under Com. 11 May 2017) O. Deshayes and A. Teboul (D. 27 Jul. 2017, n° 27, 1583)

Conditions for action by the Minister for the Economy in the event of an abusive commercial practice (note ss. CA Paris 21 June 2017, No. 15/18.784, Minister of the Economy v. Sté Expedia Inc) (BRDA 15-16/17, 1 August 2017, No. 22, p. 19)

Unfair competition law A. Ballot-Léna and G. Decocq (JCP ed. E, No. 29, 20 Jul. 2017, 1418)

Chronicle Distribution and competitor protection M. Malaurie-Vignal and N. Mathey (Contracts, conc., consom. Jul. 2017, no. 6, comm. 122 to 129; Jul. 2017, no. 7, comm. 145 to 153; Aug. 2017, no. 8, comm. 168 to 180)

One year of law on restrictive practices of competition D. Ferrier (Contracts, conc., consum. Jul 2017, no. 7, file 7)

News and influence of European law on unfair commercial practices between professionals . - Towards a more "restrictive" but less "unfair" approach to practices restricting competition? J-Ph. Arroyo (Contracts, conc., consom. Jul. 2017, n° 7, dossier 8)

5. Concentrations

Merger Law Chronicle D. Bosco and C. Prieto (Contracts, conc., consom. August 2017, no. 8-9, chron. 4)

Protection of personal data - "Big data" and European merger control: the analytical framework proposed by the Microsoft/LinkedIn decision C. Paulhac (Contracts, conc., consom. Jul. 2017, no. 7, alert 44)

Can one (ever) accurately define markets ? A.P. Vassallo (Journal of Competition Law & Economics, 133, 2, June 2017, pp. 261-280)

The Impact of Mergers on Quality Provisions: Evidence from the Airline Industry J.T. Prince and D.H. Simon (Journal of Industrial Economics, 65, 2, June 2017, pp. 235-468)

Mergers with interfirm bundling: a case of pharmaceuticals cocktails M. Song, S. Nicholson and C. Lucarelli (RAND Journal Economics, 48, 3, Fall 2017, pp. 810-834)

Mergers control in the Big Data world: To be or not to be revisited? H. Stakheyeva and F. M. Toksoy (European Competition Law Review, Issue 6 - 2017, p. 265)

6. State aid

Recovery of unlawful State aid: the extent of the State’s responsibility towards the aid recipient F. Malher and J.-L. Sauron (JCP ed. E, No. 30-34, 27 Jul. 2017, 1437)

Recourse to God can be an illegal... aid... D. Berlin (JCP ed. G, No. 29, 17 Jul. 2017, 838)

Public Activities on Commercial Markets: The Issue of Cross-Subsidisation M. Honoré (EStAL 2017, Vol. 16 No. 2)

Legitimate Expectation of Consistent Interpretation of EU State Aid Law: Recovery in State Aid Cases Involving Advanced Pricing Agreements on Tax L. L. Gormsen and C. Mifsud-Bonnici (JECLAP 2017, Vol. 8, No. 7)

A new horizon in European sports law: the application of the EU state aid rules meets the specific nature of sport B. Garcia (European Competition Journal, Vol. 13, 2017, Issue 1)

The mechanism of the photovoltaic power purchase obligation is an intervention using State resources within the meaning of State aid law. Y. Simonnet (Energy - Environment - Infrastructures, June 2017, n° 6, p. 60)

7. Public sector and competition

Disputes between public persons: proceedings of the Colloquium of 17 and 18 November 2016, Clermont Auvergne University, Centre Michel de l’Hospital (Administrative Law, August-September 2017, Nos. 8-9, p. 9)

One year of public procurement litigation law J.-P. Pietri (Contracts and Public Tenders, August-September 2017, Nos. 8-9, p. 23)

Can local public companies operate competitively? G. Eckert (Contracts and Public Procurement, August-September 2017, Nos. 8-9, p. 60)

8. Procedures

8.1. General

Update on home visits: the end of hope? B. Ruy (RLC 2017/63, No. 3221, p. 15)

8.2. Sanction Policy - Clemency - Settlement

Competition Authority successfully tests new transaction O. Dufour (Petites affiches, August 8, 2017, No. 157, p. 3)

Competitive liability of corporate groups C. Lemaire, (Contracts, conc., consom. Jul. 2017, no. 7, file 5)

Fining Foreign Effects: A New Frontier of Extraterritorial Cartel Enforcement in Europe? P. J-F. Huizing (World Competition 40, No. 3, 2017)

A Proposal for a Structural Remedy for Illegal Collusion J. E. Harrington, Jr. and P.T. Harker (Antitrust Law Journal, forthcoming)

8.3. Actions for damages

What does economic analysis bring to the calculation of damage? A. Perrot, (Contracts, conc., consom. juil. 2017, n° 7, dossier 3)

Transposition in France of the directive on compensation litigation in the field of anti-competitive practices . - A delicate balance between encouraging indemnity actions, preserving the effectiveness of public action and protecting business secrecy. Fl. Ninane, (Contracts, conc., consom. Jul. 2017, no. 7, file 4)

Competitive and Corporate Liability M. Chagny, (Contracts, conc., consom. Jul. 2017, No. 7, file 6)

The judge and the company - What prospects for the reparation of the economic damage? (proceedings of the colloquium of 22 September 2016, Paris Court of Appeal) (Small Posters, Sept. 4, 2017, No. 176, p. 4)

Remedies for anti-competitive practices: Directive 2014/104/EU is transposed! R. Amaro (Contracts, conc., consom. Jul. 2017, n° 6, study 8)

See also, Transposition of the Directive of 26 November 2014 on damages actions in competition law, E. Claudel (RTD com.., n° 2, Apr-June 2017, p. 305).

Private actions - The contractual and administrative future of compensation for competitive damages D. Bosco (Contracts, conc., consum. Jul 2017, no. 7, Mark 7)

Private Actions - The Ladder Street Lock G. Decocq (Contracts, conc., consom. Jul. 2017, No. 6, Mark 6)

Action for compensation for damages suffered as a result of an anti-competitive practice: illustration (note ss. CA Paris 10 May 2017, No. 15/05.918, SA Orange Caraïbe c/ SA Orange) (BRDA 18/17, Sept. 15, 2017, No. 25, p. 24)

Rights, prejudices and procedural claims in class actions Mr José Azar-Baud (La semaine juridique, Entreprise et Affaires, No. 26, 29 June 2017, p. 24)

Competitive litigation: first bill of the new government, registered in the Senate on 31 May 2017 (concerning the bill to ratify the ordinance on damages claims due to anti-competitive practices) F. Blanc (Administrative Law, No. 7, July 2017, p. 3)

9. Regulations

The normative value of the guidelines R. Lanneau (JCP ed. G, No. 27, Jul 3, 2017, 772)

Clarifications on the legal regime of public electricity and natural gas distribution concessions J-S. Boda and M. Guerin (Energy - Environment - Infrastructure, August-September 2017, n°s 8-9, p.42)

Security of gas supply in the Energy Union: the revised security of gas supply regulation and the role of the Commission on inter-governmental agreements M. Ciszewski, G. Demur, B. Gurba, J. Liegmann, S. Moser, A. Samsel van Haasteren and B. Sinobas (European Energy Journal, Volume 7, Issue 1, June 2017, p. 14)

Public service and regulation: drawing lots as a method of allocating scarce resources R. Lanneau (Administrative Law, No. 7, Jul. 2017, p. 47)

10. International policy

McWane and judicial review of Federal trade Commission decisions: any inspirations for EU competition law? M. Bernatt (European Competition Law Review, Issue 6 - 2017, p. 288)

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Mathilde Brabant, Emmanuel Frot, Alain Ronzano, Christelle Adjémian, Bastien Thomas, Competition journals: July - Sept. 2017, November 2017, Concurrences N° 4-2017, Art. N° 85117, pp. 230-233

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