135 - Droit public de la concurrence

Benoît Delaunay

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Public competition law, which today borrows as much from the rules of national law as from the provisions of European Union law, is a subject that is still under construction, the foundations, methods and components of which should be sought.

While the meeting of market competition law and the law of public actors was not obvious, the birth of a law applying the rules of competition to public persons has gradually become essential.

In addition to the now classic questions of the applicability and opposability of competition law rules (anti-competitive practices, concentrations, State aid) to public entities and the intervention of public entities in the competitive sector which shape general public competition law, this book identifies the foundations of a special public competition law which is asserted in the competitive tendering of public procurement (public contracts, concession and partnership contracts) and in the opening up to competition of public utility networks (energy, communications, transport). Aimed at both students and practitioners, this handbook, which is up to date with new texts and the most recent case law, is intended to give an account of all the relations between public authorities and competition.

Benoit Delaunay is an agrégé of the law faculties and a graduate of HEC and Sciences Po Paris. He is a professor at the Panthéon-Assas University (Paris II).