BIBLIOGRAPHY: EZRACHI Ariel, Hart Publishing, 2014, 714 p.

EU Competition Law. An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases, Ariel EZRACHI

This is the fourth edition of a highly practical guide to the leading cases in European competition law, focusing primarily on Article 101 TFEU, Article 102 TFEU, and the European Merger Regulation. In addition, the book explores the public and private enforcement of competition law, the intersection between intellectual property rights and competition law, and the application of competition law to State action. Each chapter outlines the relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines for each of the topics. Within this framework, cases are reviewed in summary form, accompanied by analysis and commentary. It is an essential reference tool for students of competition law.

’This book is especially valuable to competition law specialists in Europe and abroad who are interested in the jurisprudence and policy of the European Union and its member states. Familiarity with the European regime is essential for proficiency in competition law today, and this volume provides an excellent foundation.’ William E Kovacic, Global Competition Professor of Law and Policy, George Washington University Law School, Former Chairman, US Federal Trade Commission

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  • University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne


Stéphane Rodrigues, EU Competition Law. An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases, Ariel EZRACHI, December 2014, Concurrences N° 4-2014, Art. N° 69280, pp. 284-288

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