De Rome à Lisbonne : les juridictions de l’Union européenne à la croisée des chemins MÉLANGES EN L’HONNEUR DE PAOLO MENGOZZI

Maria Teresa D’Alessio, Valerio Placco, Vassilios Skouris, Vincent Kronenberger

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The courts of the European Union are at the heart of the development of European Union law, for example in its relationship with international law and in the protection of the rights of individuals. Since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty in December 2009 and the financial crisis in Europe, these courts are also facing a series of new issues, often of a constitutional nature. At the same time, the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union must continue their dialogue with national and international courts.

The twenty-five contributions collected in the Mixed Reports in honour of Advocate General Paolo Mengozzi on the occasion of his 75th birthday illustrate the extent to which the courts of the European Union find themselves at a crossroads.

These contributions examine, in particular, case law relating to the status of international law, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, competition and consumer rights, issues to which both in his academic career and at the Court of Justice of the European Union Paolo Mengozzi has made and continues to make a rich and important contribution.