FAURE Michael et ZHANG Xinzhu (dir.), Edward Elgar, 2011, 354 pages.

Competition Policy and Regulation: Recent Developments in China, the US and Europe

This unique book considers competition policy and regulation in light of the recent introduction of the anti-monopoly law in China. It addresses the relevance of competition policy for China from a broad theoretical and practical perspective, bringing together lawyers and economists from China, Europe and the US to provide an integrated law and economics approach.

Given that the development of the Chinese anti-monopoly law in China was heavily reliant on a comparative approach, the contributors analyse how its text and practice actually compare to European and US legislation. The first cases in which Chinese anti-monopoly law were applied are explored, and both competition law and competition policy are discussed in detail. Topics include: industrial and professional regulation and their relationship to competition law, merger control, substantive competition law issues, cartels, and abuse of dominance and predation.

This book will prove a fascinating read for competition lawyers, economists with a special interest in regulation and competition, and for practitioners concerned with competition policy and regulation.

— ‘. . . this edited collection should make for an interesting read for those interested in Chinese competition law, especially in abuse of administrative monopoly.’ – Thomas K. Cheng, World Competition

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Anne-Sophie Choné-Grimaldi, Competition Policy and Regulation: Recent Developments in China, the US and Europe, December 2011, Concurrences N° 4-2011, Art. N° 40317, p. 241

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