The Evolution of European Competition Law, Whose Regulation, Which Competition?


With contributions from leading scholars from all over Europe and the US, this book covers the major areas of substantive competition law from an evolutionary perspective.

The leitmotiv of the book has been to assess the dividing line between safeguarding and regulating competition, which it does by reviewing the following subjects:

  • foundations of competition policy in the EU and the US
  • strategic competition policy
  • the evolution of European competition law from a national (Italian) perspective
  • the block exemption of vertical agreements after four years
  • the new Technology Transfer Block Exemption
  • cooperative networking
  • mergers in the media sector
  • abuse of market power
  • concepts of competition in sector specific regulation
  • competition, regulation and systems coherence
  • efficiency claims in EU competition law and sector specific regulation.

The Evolution of European Competition Law will be of great interest to lawyers, economists, academics, judges and public officials working in the fields of competition law and policy.

‘This is an important and very well crafted set of essays, particularly valuable for anyone trying to appreciate the considerable changes that have occurred in European competition law over the last two decades.’ – Herbert Hovenkamp, European Law Review

‘Professor Ullrich is thoughtful and attracted star scholars from many countries, so the papers and discussion are provocative and introduce recent economic thinking, although many are written by lawyers. . . The text is lucid and interesting, the thought innovative and anyone seriously interested in competition policy should read these papers and the comments with pleasure.’ – Valentine Korah, World Competition

‘This collection of papers and comments deserves to be widely read, and it should appeal to academics and practitioners alike. The great mix of topics and the variety of views offered make this a very stimulating contribution to the discussion of the new paradigm of EC competition law, the more economic approach, and its implications for the application and interpretation of the various EU antitrust rules.’ – Thomas Eilmansberger, European Law Journal

‘The editor should be congratulated for bringing together this diverse group of scholars whose spirited disagreements remind one of the many challenges faced in exploring the role and function of competition law.’ – Giorgio Monti, European Review of Contract Law

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  • University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne


Beligh Nabli, The Evolution of European Competition Law, Whose Regulation, Which Competition?, December 2006, Concurrences N° 4-2006, Art. N° 12601, p. 174

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