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’Policeman’ or arbitrator?

The opinions, sector enquiries, recommendations and practical guides published by the Competition Authority are increasingly used to guide behaviour and promote a competition culture. Together with enforcement, this advocacy activity is now essential to the effective defence of economic public policy.

*This article is an automatic translation of the original article, provided here for your convenience. Read the original article. The Competition Authority is often described as the competition "policeman", but it would be more accurate to describe it as an arbitrator. Because competition regulation is not limited to the exercise of the power to sanction anti-competitive practices or merger control, however much they contribute to the regulator's visibility. The whistle and the cards are not everything: on the pitch, the referee also and perhaps above all ensures compliance with the rules by intervening in the interests of the game's collective, the smooth running of the game, by ensuring that the players' vigour is not impeded and by promoting fair play on the pitch. And those who

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Bruno Lasserre, ’Policeman’ or arbitrator?, September 2021, Concurrences N° 3-2021, Art. N° 101598, pp. 2-3

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