Competition journals: March - June 2017

This section of the review Concurrences selects articles and working papers on themes related to competition laws and economics, mainly, but not only, in the English and French languages. This compilation does not attempt to be exhaustive but rather a survey on themes important in the area. The survey usually covers publications over the last three months after release of the latest issue of Concurrences. Articles and working papers published on the Internet only are also welcome. Authors, editors and publishers are welcome to send their papers to : for review in this section.

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1. General - Scope of application

Algorithmic-facilitated Coordination: Market and legal solutions M. S. Gal (CPI Antitrust Chronicle, May 2017, Vol.1, No. 2, p. 22)

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Joint conduct D. I. Ballard, A. S. Naik (CPI Antitrust Chronicle, May 2017, Vol. 1, No. 2, p. 29)

Sponge A. Ezrachi (Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, 2017, Issue 5, 49-75, p. 49)

Data Protection in Attention Markets: Protecting Privacy through Competition? G. Colangelo, M. Maggiolino (Journal of European Competition Law, 2017, Vol. 8, No. 6, p. 363)

Is Big Data a different kind of Animal? The Treatment of big Data under the EU Competition Rules M. Davilla (Journal of European Competition Law, 2017, Vol. 8, No. 6, p. 370)

Complex Antitrust Harm in Platform Markets J. M. Newman (CPI Antitrust Chronicle, Vol. 2, May 2017, p. 52)

When Antitrust becomes Pro-trust: the Digital Deformation of U.S. Competition Policy F. Pasquale (CPI Antitrust Chronicle,Vol. 2, May 2017, p. 46)

The Need for "Innovation Certainty" at the Crossroads of Patent and Antitrust Law P. R. Michel, M. J. Dowd (CPI Antitrust Chronicle, Vol. 1, April 2017, p. 12)

In Search of a Problem: the Interface of car body part design protection with Antitrust N. Pires de Carvalho (CPI Antitrust Chronicle,Vol. 1, April 2017, p. 5

A new anti-competitive practice that went (almost) unnoticed A.-S. Choné-Grimaldi (D., No. 22, 22 June 2017, p. 1255)

Activity of the European Union courts in competition law (June 2016) (July 2016) P. Arhel (Petites affiches, 24 Apr. 2017, No. 81, p. 7; Petites affiches, 1-2 May 2017, No. S 86-87, p. 1)

Activity of the Court of Cassation and the Conseil d’État in competition law (June to December 2016) (January to February 2017) P. Arhel (Petites affiches, 10 Apr. 2017, No. 71, p. 8; Petites affiches, 5-6 June 2017, No. S 111-112, p. 6)

Competition Chronicle L. Idot (Europe, Apr. 2017, No. 4, comm. 160 and 162; May 2017, No. 5, comm. 188-194 and 208-213; June 2017, No. 6, comm. 233-235 and 243-246)

Competition Chronicle D. Bosco and G. Decocq (Contracts, conc., consum. Apr. 2017, No. 4, comm. 82-87; May 2017, No. 5, comm. 105-110)

Competition Chronicle M. Behar-Touchais and C. Prieto, (Contract Review, 2017-2, June 2017, p. 310)

Competition Chronicle (RJDA, No. 4/2017, Apr. 2017, p. 325; RJDA, No. 5/2017, May 2017, p. 418; RJDA, No. 6/2017, June 2017, p. 498)

Competition-Distribution Chronicle (January 2016 - December 2016) D. Ferrier (D., No. 16, 27 Apr. 2017, p. 881)

Chronicle Court of Justice of the European Union (Part 1) D. Dero-Bugny and C. Nourissat (JDI Clunet, n° 2/2017, Apr-June 2017, p. 641)

Quasi-Punitive Proceedings in Competition Law, L. Idot (Rev. sc. Crim, 2017-1, p. 141)

2. Agreements

2.1. General

Price-fixing in agricultural sectors: competition law in the countryside L. Sersiron and R. Travade (RLC 2017/62, No. 3205, p. 34).

PMU monopoly: when consistency rhymes with turnover: CE. Dec. 9, 2016, No. 385934 B. Pageot (Administrative Law, May 2017, No. 5, p. 44)

A Model of Recommended Retail Prices D. Lubensky, (RAND Journal of Economics, 2017, 48(2), pp. 358-386)

Special Issue: Resale Price Maintenance a Decade after Leegin (Review of Industrial Organization, 2017, 50(2))

Damages Regimes on Both Sides of the Atlantic F. Maier-Rigaud, (Antitrust Bulletin, 2017, 62(2), pp. 334-347)

Cartel Cases and the Cartel Enforcement Process in the European Union 2001-2015, a Quantitative Assessment Mr. Hellwig and K. Hüschelrath, (Antitrust Bulletin, 2017, 62(2), pp. 400-438)

Nonparametric Estimation of a Nonseparable Demand Function under the Slutsky Inequality Restriction R. Blundell, J. Horowitz and M. Parey (Review of Economics and Statistics, 2017, 99(2), 291-304).

2.2. Distribution

Online distribution and competition law: state of play (2 parts) C. Grynfogel (RJDA, No. 5/2017, May 2017, p. 355; RJDA, No. 6/2017, June 2017, p. 443)

The findings of the e-commerce sector inquiry: what’s new? L. Idot (Europe, June 2017, No. 6, Alert 27)

3. Abuse of dominance

The Application of Article 102 TFEU by the European Commission and the European Courts R. Subiotto QC, D. R. Little, R. Lepetska (Journal of European Competition Law, 2017, Vol. 8, No. 4, p. 263)

The Opinion of AG Wahl in the Intel Rebate Case: A Triumph of Substance over Form? J. Clarke (World Competition, Vol. 40, Issue 2, 2017, pp. 241-269)

4. Restrictive practices

New abuses of Article L. 442-6 resulting from the Sapin II law M. Behar-Touchais, (Contract Review, 2017-2, June 2017, p. 290)

Termination of established commercial relations: an inconsistent law, a factor of legal insecurity and inefficiency L. Vogel and J. Vogel (RJDA, No. 4/2017, Apr. 2017, p. 261)

Clause on withdrawal of an EIG and significant imbalance N. Dissaux (JCP ed. E, No. 23, 8 June 2017, comm. 1304)

The impact of contract law reform on the concept of abrupt termination of established commercial relations M. Ignatoff (AJ Contrat, No. 5, May 2017, p. 203)

Resumption of the relationship after notification of termination N. Mathey (JCP ed. E, No. 24, June 15, 2017, comm. 1330)

Termination of a commercial relationship established by an association A.-S. Courdier-Cuisinier (Petites affiches, 10 May 2017, No. 93, p. 9)

Breach of established commercial relationship: at specialized court of appeal specialized courts H. Croze (Proceedings, No. 6, June 2017, comm. 121)

Breach of an established commercial relationship: the judge who did not want to be contradicted H. Croze (Proceedings, No. 6, June 2017, Comm. 122)

The Courts of Appeal and Article L. 442-6 of the Commercial Code R. Loir (JCP éd. E, No. 17, 27 Apr. 2017, comm. 1238)

Galec case: the Court of Cassation confirms that the significant imbalance may justify the modification by the judge of the price agreed between the parties J.-C. Grall and G. Mallen (RLC 2017/61, No. 3186, p. 33)

Chronicle Distribution and competitor protection M. Malaurie-Vignal and N. Mathey (Contracts, conc., consum. Apr. 2017, No. 4, comm. 74-81; May 2017, No. 5, comm. 97-104)

5. Concentrations

Should the thresholds for notifying concentrations to the European Commission be widened? A. de Brousse and F. Gordon (JCP ed. E, No. 15, 13 Apr. 2017, Study. 1199)

UPS/TNT: econometrics at the centre of merger law E. Frot (RLC 2017/61, No. 3185, p. 29)

Should merger law apply to the lease? Cursive study based on the Air Berlin/Lufthansa case W. Chaiehloudj (AJ Contrat, No. 5, May 2017, p. 211)

The Treatment of State-owned Enterprises in EU Competition Law: New Developments and Future Challenges G. Lallemand-Kirche, C. Tixier, H. Piffaut (Journal of European Competition Law and Practice, Vol. 8, Issue 5, 2017)

Upward pricing pressure as a predictor of merger price effects N.H. Miller, M. Remer, C. Ryan and G. Sheu, (Industrial Journal of Industrial Organization 2017, 52, pp. 216-247)

Hospital Mergers with Regulated Prices K.R. Brekke, L. Siciliani, O.R. Straume, (Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2017, 119(3), pp. 597-627)

Major Developments in EU Merger Control C. O’Daly, Competition Law & Policy Debate, vol. 3 March 2017, No. 1, p. 4.

6. State aid

Tax Rulings and State Aid Qualification: Should Reality Matter? A. Giraud and S. Petit (European Staide Aid Law Quarterly 2/2017, p. 133)

Undue State aid, irresponsible State L. Erstein (JCP éd. G, n° 25, June 19, 2017, 705)

Rulings and fiscal State aid: an overview of the situation E. Traversa and P. Sabbadini (JDE, n° 238, Apr. 2017, p. 138)

Tax Concessions for Multinationals: In or Out of the Reach of State Aid Law? T. Jaeger (Journal of European Competition Law and Practice, Vol. 8, No. 4, p. 221)

The "Vervloet" judgment: the guarantee granted by the Belgian State to financial cooperative societies, an illegal State aid B. Lebrun and L. Bersou (JDE, n° 238, Apr. 2017, p. 42)

The mechanism of the photovoltaic electricity purchase obligation is an intervention using State resources within the meaning of State aid law. Y. Simonnet (Energy - Environment - Infrastructure, June 2017, No. 6, p. 60)

Advance from the French State shareholder to France Telecom: CJUE, Nov. 30, 2016, case C-486/15 R. Lanneau (Administrative Law, April 2017, No. 4, p. 45) "The Court rejects the Commission’s appeal; in the present case, the shareholder’s advance proposed by the French Republic to France Télécom does not constitute State aid incompatible with the internal market".

Commission v. France and Orange: Determine the Moment in Which to Assess the Prudent Private Investor Criterion S. Hautbourg (Journal of European Competition Law and Practice, Vol. 8, No. 6, June 2017, p. 382)

7. Public sector and competition

Cars Macron: first challenge before the Council of State: EC, 23 Dec. 2016, No. S 399081 and 399723 X. Domino (Energy - Environment - Infrastructure, March 2017, n° 3, p. 45)

First framework of case law on service concessions: EC, 14 Feb. 2017, No. 405157 L. Richer (Administrative Law, April 2017, No. 4, p. 34)

8. Procedures

8.1. General

A fair trial before the Competition Authority: the chemical commodities cartel case P. Wilhelm and É. Dumur (JCP ed. E, No. 15, Apr. 13, 2017, Comm. 1200)

European Commission sets up a system of anonymous alerts for individuals F. Puel and L.-F. Martin (JCP éd. E, n° 17, 27 Apr. 2017, 308)

Symposium Arbitration (Competition Law & Policy Debate, vol. 3 March 2017, n°1, p. 24), with interventions by C. Gauer and J. Lübking, Arbitration and Competition : Between Conflict and Cooperation; L. Idot, Arbitration and Competition : Have we entered a fourth phase in the relations?; Dr Gordon Blanke, EU Commitments Arbitration; Some Reflections on Theory and Practice; J. Menz, The Effectiveness Principle and cartel damages arbitration: beyond ’institutional ambivalence’; T. M. Rusche, State Aid Arbitration

8.2. Sanction Policy - Clemency - Settlement

First annulment of a settlement by the Tribunal: a sword in the water A. Apel (RLC 2017/62, No. 3202, p. 15)

The Law on Fines imposed in EU Competition Proceedings: time for a refresh of the fining guidelines? E. Barbier de La Serre, E. Lagathu (Journal of European Competition Law, 2017, Vol. 8, No. 6, p. 409)

Unfair Competition Fines on Firms: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan H.-H. Chang, (Journal of Competition Law & Economics, 2017, 13(1), pp. 103-124)

8.3. Actions for damages

New tools to promote actions for compensation for anti-competitive practices D. Redon (BRDA 10/17, 15 May 2017, No. 28, p. 20)

See also, M. Dumarçay, La transposition de la directive " dommages " en droit français : vers une nouvelle architecture des contentieux du droit des pratiques anticoncurrentielles (RLC 2017/62, n° 3204, p. 25) ; Y. Broussolle, Les principales dispositions de l’ordonnance du 9 mars 2017 relative aux actions en dommages et intérêts du fait des pratiques anticoncurrentielles (Petites affiches, 22 June 2017, n° 124, p. 7); L. Idot, Premières vues sur la transposition de la directive 2014/104/UE en France (Europe. avr. 2017, n° 4, Alerte 16)

A new example of an action for damages: compensation by the Court of First Instance of the European Union for damage caused by a breach of the right to be tried within a reasonable time M.-C. Rameau and C. de Vienne (RLC 2017/61, No. 3183, p. 14)

Advocacy for a genuine reform of group action in competition matters P. Lemore (Contracts, conc., consum. May 2017, No. 5, Alert 29)

9. Regulations

The paradoxes of the "uberisation" of public road transport for less than ten people S. Brameret (RLC 2017/61, No. 3187, p. 39)

Is the Paris Court of Appeal really an administrative judge? T. Perroud (Droit administratif, May 2017, n° 5, p. 23) "The transfer of the litigation of certain regulatory authorities to the Paris Court of Appeal has not been accompanied by a critical study, on the part of the publicist doctrine, of the effects of this transfer. The present article attempts, on the one hand, to point out the many defects that affect the control of regulatory authorities by the Paris Court of Appeal - and which confine to a kind of privatization of this control by making the civil judge captive to the arguments of the applicant companies - and, on the other hand, to propose the return of this litigation to the administrative jurisdiction, by the creation of a regulatory court, on the English model".

European Commission presents its reform of the European electricity market P.-A. Lienhardt and A. Rambaud (Energy - Environment - Infrastructures, March 2017, n° 3, p. 34)

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Alain Ronzano, Christelle Adjémian, Mathilde Brabant, Emmanuel Frot, Bastien Thomas, Competition journals: March - June 2017, September 2017, Concurrences N° 3-2017, Art. N° 84432, pp.208-211

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