La récidive en droits de la concurrence, Ludovic BERNARDEAU

Ludovic Bernardeau, préface de Nils Wahl

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Here is a book that is sure to attract the interest of both academics and practitioners on a subject that is still little explored by existing monographs, at least in French. After an introduction devoted to the analysis of the very notion of recidivism in French criminal law, in EU law in general and in competition law in particular, Ludovic Bernardeau, referendary at the European Court of Justice, devotes the first chapter of his book to the conditions of recidivism (relating successively to the content of competition infringements, their perpetrators and the period of time that must elapse between the said infringements) and the second chapter to the control of legality (material and procedural) in this field.

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Stéphane Rodrigues, La récidive en droits de la concurrence, Ludovic BERNARDEAU, September 2017, Concurrences N° 3-2017, Art. N° 84689, p. 207

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