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Droit du transport de passagers - Droits français et de l’Union européenne

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Today, no mode of transport can escape European passenger protection requirements, thus meeting the goal that the European Union has set itself in its transport policy: to put users at the heart of transport policy.

Every traveller, regardless of mode, has a number of similar rights based on three pillars:

  • Non-discrimination whether on the grounds of nationality or disability;
  • accurate and accessible information at the various stages of the journey;
  • immediate and proportionate assistance in certain situations, such as delay or cancellation of the journey.

Although the body of regulations appears to be complete, the European grip on passenger protection is not yet complete because some local and regional transport remains outside the scope of these texts, and the latter refer for certain situations to international conventions or national laws. It must therefore be noted that this set of rights varies according to the mode of transport used by the passenger, and that there is a problem with the integration and coherence of the various texts.

This book aims to shed light on the dynamics of passenger transport law, by analysing its main texts (regulations/international conventions/French law) and their articulation, without forgetting the relationship between travel agencies and their clients, which is the subject of specific provisions.

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Stéphane Rodrigues, Droit du transport de passagers - Droits français et de l’Union européenne, September 2016, Concurrences Nº 3-2016, Art. N° 80748, p. 221

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