Jurisprudence de la CJUE 2014 - Décisions et commentaires

Fabrice Picod

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The collection Jurisprudence of the CJEU 2014 - Decisions and commentaries is a pioneering work, without equivalent in publication. It brings together the decisions of the Court of Justice delivered during 2014 which were considered to be the most significant in each of the areas covered by European Union law: institutional questions, legal order, fundamental rights, remedies, citizenship, economic freedoms, social rights, environment, taxation, antitrust and concentrations, State aid, area of freedom, security and justice, external action, intellectual property, public procurement, banking and finance, consumer affairs, transport, jurisdiction of the courts and applicable law, civil procedure.

For each of these subjects, a specialist, who is an authority on European Union law and more particularly on the subject concerned, has selected one or more decisions of the Court of Justice which are considered to be significant of current trends in case law or even important for the development of European Union law.

Preceded by keywords and references to the first notes published in legal journals, each selected decision is accompanied by comments written by the university professor who made the selection.

The comments, which are written in a synthetic and practical spirit, are intended to highlight the reasoning adopted by the Court of Justice in support of the solution adopted and the scope of the judgments delivered.

The reader thus has at his disposal a complete work reporting on the contributions of the case-law of the Court of Justice for the year 2014.

This book is the first in the "Great Stops" series. It will be followed, each year, by a corresponding book reporting, in each of the areas covered by European Union law, on the important case law of the past year.

This will enable legal practitioners, lawyers, magistrates, civil servants and company lawyers, but also academics from the various legal disciplines, to gain a better understanding of the current case-law of the Court of Justice.

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  • University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne


Stéphane Rodrigues, Jurisprudence de la CJUE 2014 - Décisions et commentaires, September 2015, Concurrences N° 3-2015, Art. N° 74854, p. 246

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