Why antitrust? (Preface for the book "10th Anniversary of Concurrences")

To mark its tenth anniversary, Concurrences has brought together 100 contributions answering the question: “Why antitrust?” The different disciplines in which the different contributors work ensures that a wide range of approaches is represented—the authors include historians, lawyers, economists, a sociologist, an anthropologist, a demographer, a priest and a rabbi, politicians, essayists and entrepreneurs. The book offers a selection of responses that make it possible to step beyond preconceived notions. This article by Martine Behar-Touchais serves as the preface. The book is available on Concurrences website and via Amazon from mid-September 2014.

A dedicated website provides readers with free access to selected contributions with 3 quizz and an online survey.

*This article is an automatic translation of the original article, provided here for your convenience. Read the original article. "The reason of the strongest is no longer the best, We'll show it later. An optician who was discounting He moved to Lyon to sell at all costs. Top brand glasses and fashionable eyewear. The local opticians, worried about the affair And this threat to their bottom line... They met immediately to discuss the response. Let's write to our suppliers and forbid them from selling To this new operator, which will be able to feed his stand As soon as said, as soon as done, a number of suppliers bow down And the rebuilt discounter has to go to China for supplies. A king's investigator came through here, Who worried about the constraint that opticians in Lyon Had

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Martine Behar-Touchais, Why antitrust? (Preface for the book "10th Anniversary of Concurrences"), September 2014, Concurrences N° 3-2014, Art. N° 68459,

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