La concurrence à Tahiti - Une utopie ?, Christian MONTET and Florent VENAYRE

Christian Montet, Florent Venayre

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"Paradise of monopolies", "exorbitant prices", "scandalous margins", so many expressions which often return in the Polynesian public debate... Really desired by some, brandished to divert attention by others, castigated by the third, the law on competition, after its rejection by the assembly, remains the Arlesian in Tahiti. Everyone has been talking about it for years, but we have been waiting in vain for it, especially the consumers. What exactly is at stake in the development of competition? What can everyone really expect from it? Is it possible, in concrete terms, to promote it and what are the risks? How can we build a competition law that is truly effective? These are just some of the questions the authors address in this book to find out if competition in Tahiti is just a fanciful utopia or if it is, on the contrary, a concrete and achievable ambition.