Merger Control Worldwide (ed.5), Maher M. DABBAH and Paul LASOK QC

Maher M. Dabbah, Paul Lasok QC

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Merger control has emerged as a growing area of competition law within the last decade. Merger operations can impact on a number of jurisdictions and may require regulatory notification and approval in more than one. Merger Control Worldwide provides practitioners and policy-makers with a clear point of reference that will prove invaluable when making decisions and delivering sound and accurate advice in merger cases. The chapters set out the details of every jurisdiction where a mechanism for merger control is in place and make use of flowcharts and diagrams to provide a concise and practical account of the relevant law in each jurisdiction.


  • Queen Mary University (London)
  • Monckton Chambers (London)


Maher Dabbah, Paul Lasok QC, Merger Control Worldwide (ed.5), Maher M. DABBAH and Paul LASOK QC, September 2012, Concurrences N° 3-2012, Art. N° 104920

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Date 31 May 2012

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