The International Handbook on Private Enforcement of Competition Law

Albert A. Foer, Jonathan W. Cuneo

With the international community on the brink of an explosion of private remedies for violation of national competition laws, this timely Handbook provides state-of-the-art analysis of the private enforcement of competition laws across the globe. Private enforcement of antitrust is becoming a significant component of competition policy laws worldwide; today, more than a hundred jurisdictions have adopted market regimes operating within a framework of competition law, providing a varied base for developing ways by which persons injured by anticompetitive conduct will (or will not) be able to obtain remedies.

Written primarily from the perspective of the complainant, the Handbook contributes to the discussion by presenting empirical research on private remedies through unprecedented, detailed and systematic analysis of private antitrust enforcement in the USA. The expert contributors – law practitioners in the USA and 21 other countries – explain both the law and the realities regarding private remedies as they have experienced them. They provide useful information to law and policy makers contemplating the introduction or expansion of private enforcement and to competition advocacy NGOs, attorneys and others who may wish to support or utilize the tools of private enforcement. By way of conclusion, valuable observations are imparted and recommendations prescribed.

This important Handbook will prove an invaluable reference tool for a wide-ranging audience including: international private practice lawyers, law academics and students with a special interest in competition policy, international government officials involved in legislation or regulation of private remedies in countries with competition laws, and economists consulting in competition cases.

‘. . . this book is a great achievement, and its contribution to the field cannot be negated. Practitioners, academics and students with a specific interest in this topic alike will easily zero-in on the jurisdiction of interest and extract not only theoretical, academic information on antitrust law and enforcement, which this book does not shy from, but also and mostly practical information on antitrust litigation practice in individual jurisdictions. This alone sets this contribution apart from the numerous books on competition law enforcement and private enforcement available these days which, with all their specific qualities, rarely offer such a practical insight in antitrust enforcement, especially on such a large scale.’ – Jocelyn G. Delatre, European Competition Law Review

‘The International Handbook on Private Enforcement of Competition Law effectively does “what is says on the tin”. . . It is an excellent and important piece of comparative work in this field.’ – Barry J. Rodger, Competition Law Review

‘The American Antitrust Institute has supervised the preparation of this impressive volume analysing the experience of private antitrust enforcement in the United States and surveying the growing importance of private enforcement around the world. . . Each chapter is succinct and an excellent introduction to private rights of action under the key national competition laws. . . The Handbook is a welcome guide to the current state of the current literature on private rights of actions and remedies and provides the raw material and analysis for improvement.’ – Spencer Weber Waller, World Competition

‘This Handbook on private enforcement of competition law is both conceptual and enormously practical. It explains by facts and figures why private enforcement is necessary, and it explores cultural and contextual differences that may suggest different designs. The Handbook provides a thorough anatomy of US private actions, following which experts from 19 other jurisdictions explain the contours and practicalities of bringing, litigating and settling private actions in their jurisdictions. The Handbook promises to make an enormous contribution to antitrust law and policy around the world.’ – Eleanor Fox, New York University School of Law, US

‘This comprehensive and well written volume surveys the private enforcement provisions of virtually every country in the world that has a competition law recognizing private actions. It is a first-of-its-kind, incredibly valuable undertaking. In addition to individual country surveys this book includes valuable comparative studies of private enforcement as well as theoretical and empirical analysis of its effects. Every competition lawyer with a multinational practice will benefit from owning it.’ – Herbert Hovenkamp, University of Iowa, US

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Nathalie Flandin, The International Handbook on Private Enforcement of Competition Law, September 2011, Concurrences N° 3-2011, Art. N° 38227, pp. 235-236

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