National Developments in the Intersection of IPR and Competition Law: From Maglite to Pirate Bay

Hans Henrik Lidgard

This section selects books on themes related to competition laws and economics. This compilation does not attempt to be exhaustive but rather a survey of themes important in the area. The survey usually covers publication over the last three months after publication of the latest issue of Concurrences. Publishers, authors and editors are welcome to send books to for review in this section.

This is the third volume in the series Swedish Studies in European Law, produced by the Swedish Network for European Legal Studies, a national network comprised of Swedish universities focusing on recent legal developments within European Union law. In this volume, Swedish researchers with specific interests in European Market law - intellectual property rights, competition and marketing law - have joined forces to review recent Swedish legislation and case-law of particular European interest in national Swedish Courts or the Court of Justice of the European Union (’CJEU’). The volume also includes comments on general EU developments from a Swedish perspective.

The essays focus upon a number of significant recent developments, including, amongst others, an essay on a proposed reform to the Swedish Copyright Act, a report of the recent Swedish decision concerning the Mini-Mag, two different analyses of the future for illicit file sharing following the recent Pirate Bay litigation, and essays on refusal to supply and the new Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and its implementation in Sweden.



Hans Henrik Lidgard, National Developments in the Intersection of IPR and Competition Law: From Maglite to Pirate Bay, September 2011, Concurrences N° 3-2011, Art. N° 109907

Publisher Hart Publishing

Date 13 May 2011

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