Association Henri Capitant, Journées marocaines, tome LVI/2006, Société de législation comparée, 2010, 1010 p.

La concurrence

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This imposing work reproduces the proceedings of the International Days organized in September 2006 in Morocco by the Association Henri Capitant des Amis de la culture juridique française (Henri Capitant Association of Friends of French Legal Culture) and devoted to the topic of competition. It thus brings together no less than 60 reports from 21 countries around the world and articulated around four areas of reflection: unfair competition (whose general report was entrusted to Alain A. Levasseur); sanctions in the event of infringement of competition (based on a general report by Alain de Nauw); national competition regulatory authorities (based on a general report by Claude Lucas de Leyssac) and, in a more targeted manner, the regulation of competition in the telecommunications sector (for which Azzedine Kettani was the general rapporteur). Although some of these developments may seem dated, they retain all their relevance and richness, as Yves Gaudement’s summary report points out, highlighting the contemporary evolution of competition, "a form of activity permitted, then freedom protected" which has gradually become also "a coercive regulation of the activity of economic operators".

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Stéphane Rodrigues, La concurrence, September 2010, Concurrences N° 3-2010, Art. N° 32155, p. 206

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