Concentration des entreprises & droit de la concurrence

Michel Glais

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Taking control of a competitor, a customer or a supplier is an important step in the life of an industrial or commercial company. Preparing for this type of strategic decision is not limited to questions relating to the beneficial effects that could result for the promotion of the activities of the new entity resulting from the merger and the profit of its shareholders. It also involves considering the impact that the merger could have on the maintenance of competition in the markets concerned. Depending on the size of the turnover involved, most mergers are subject to the authorization of institutions responsible for ensuring compliance with competition law (European Commission; French Competition Authority). The purpose of this book is to provide company directors and their advisors with an economic and legal framework for the way in which merger projects are examined by the institutions in charge of their control. It also aims to help them prepare their arguments and demonstrations in response to the objections and questions that they will be led to formulate. Numerous concrete examples drawn from the most recent case law also facilitate the understanding of the concepts and theoretical analyses on which these authorities base their decisions.


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Michel Glais, Concentration des entreprises & droit de la concurrence, September 2010, Concurrences N° 3-2010, Art. N° 110065

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