BOLDRON François, BORSENBERGER Claire, JORAM Denis, LECOU Sébastien et ROY Bernard, avant-propos de Jean-Paul Bailly, préface de Jean Tirole, Economica, 2010, 461 p.

Libéralisation & Services publics - Économie postale

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The liberalisation of all major infrastructure networks, initiated in the United States, has been underway in Europe since the 1990s. But how will it work for the Post Office?

In a context where mail is in decline, where the development of information technologies is encouraging the significant dematerialization of traditional mail, how can the maintenance of the major public service missions they perform, and in particular the universal service, be combined with total competition?

On the eve of the Postal Act of 2010, which transposes the Third Postal Directive in France and transforms La Poste into a public limited company, this book on postal economics proposes to approach the issue from different angles. The work of the economists presented here provides a better understanding of the risks and opportunities created by these various changes and helps guide reflection on the strategic and responsible choices available to the various stakeholders in the postal sector. This book brings together the contributions of economists from La Poste and the Institut d’Économie Industrielle de Toulouse (IDEI), which have been made since 2005, either together or separately. The book is organized in four parts: the foundations of public intervention in the postal sector; costs and financing of public service missions; vertical relations in the postal sector and analysis of demand and costs.

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Stéphane Rodrigues, Libéralisation & Services publics - Économie postale, September 2010, Concurrences N° 3-2010, Art. N° 32168, pp. 206-207

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