BIBLIOGRAPHIE : Bruylant et Sakkoulas, Bruxelles et Athènes, 2007, 1698 p.

La transformation du droit de la concurrence par le recours à l’analyse économique

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Work awarded by the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, Prix Emile Girardeau, 2005.

"Ioannis Lianos’ thesis opens with an enriching investigation of the relationship between law and economics ¨(…) The concern for a realistic economic analysis leads him to consider all the forms that vertical restraints can take, whether they are linked to concentrations or abuses of dominance. This global approach enables it to highlight the economic coherence of vertical restraints and to recommend that they be treated as a whole. (…) One of the contributions of this study, whose quality must be underlined, is the mass of documentation treated with rigour and clarity. Both the researcher and the practitioner will find an exceptional amount of information at their disposal. But the reader will also be stimulated by a critical reflection which cannot be indifferent to him. The author is not satisfied with merely accumulating, describing and ordering, he does not hesitate to discuss, to judge with moderation but also with pugnacity, as an academic must, the doctrines, decisions and positions taken by the competition authorities and those who, before him, were interested in this subject. All these qualities suggest that Ioannis Lianos’ thesis is and will remain for a long time, in a field which is often in flux, a work of reference, and that other works will confirm this feeling. (…) Ioannis Lianos’ work is addressed to those interested in competition law as well as in legal theory. I am sure that reading it will give them great satisfaction.

Robert Kovar, emeritus professor at the Robert Schuman University of Strasbourg, former President of the University (excerpts from the preface)

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  • Catholic University of Louvain


Anne-Lise Sibony, La transformation du droit de la concurrence par le recours à l’analyse économique, September 2007, Concurrences N° 3-2007, Art. N° 13796, p. 197-200

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