La modernisation du droit de la concurrence

Guy Canivet

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Competition law is always on the move, today it is being revolutionised! In 2004, the European texts on the modernisation of competition organised a kind of renaissance, whose scope is as powerful as that of the founding texts of European law. This movement has focused on the essentials: the institutions, the distribution of their competences and their new collaboration. The behaviours of companies and States that need to be regulated, more flexibly and more firmly at the same time. The articulation between the bodies of rules, French law with Community law, European law with North American law, competition law with ordinary law and other special laws. But revolutions do not happen on a blank page. In order to understand this modernization, it is still necessary to compare it with the general evolution of competition law and to compare it with other branches of law. The book has taken on the scope that this essential modernization of competition law deserves, through a series of plunging views, cross views, historical reconstructions and projections into the future.