Les contrats verticaux en droit communautaire et suisse de la concurrence

Hubert Orso Gilliéron

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In general, vertical contracts can represent both a danger and an opportunity. Depending on the economic context in which they are implemented, they can be the source of efficiency gains or, on the contrary, of unjustified profits. Their ambivalence, from an economic point of view, makes a legislative and regulatory approach to these agreements delicate.

After presenting the various economic mechanisms and theories necessary to understand the subject, this book analyzes the Community and Swiss rules governing vertical agreements, taking into account the legislative changes that occurred in the first half of 2004.



Hubert Orso Gillieron, Les contrats verticaux en droit communautaire et suisse de la concurrence, September 2005, Concurrences N° 3-2005, Art. N° 110431

Publisher Schulthess

Date 3 May 2005

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ISBN 9783725548590

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