Economie et politique de la concurrence

Emmanuel Combe

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This book proposes an economic approach to competition policy and provides the reader with the tools necessary to understand the economic underpinnings of antitrust intervention. After explaining the objectives and instruments of competition policy, the book analyses cartel behaviour between firms - both in their horizontal and vertical dimensions -, situations of abuse of a dominant position such as predatory pricing, deterrence to market entry or foreclosure, and merger control (definition of the relevant market, competitive analysis of a merger). The theoretical developments, set out in a simple but rigorous manner, are supported each time by empirical examples taken from both Community and French case law. The institutional dimension of competition policy and recent reforms in this area are also given pride of place. In this respect, this Précis will prove very useful to students of Universities and Grandes Ecoles in law, management and industrial economics, to students preparing for administrative competitive examinations, but also to competition law practitioners wishing to integrate the contributions of modern economic analysis into their approach.

Emmanuel Combe agrégé des Facultés de droit et sciences économiques, doctor of the University of Paris-I, former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (St-Cloud), agrégé de sciences sociales, is professor at the University of Paris XII and affiliated professor at ESCP-EAP. He also teaches at the postgraduate level at the Universities of Paris-I, El Salvador (Buenos Aires) and the French West Indies, after having taught at the Universities of Paris XI, Le Havre, Tunis and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. His work focuses on the strategies of firms and their implications for competition policy as well as on the economics of industrial property (patents, licensing).

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Florence Legeay, Economie et politique de la concurrence, September 2005, Concurrences N° 3-2005, Art. N° 12656, p. 159

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