Droit européen de la commande publique, Stéphane de LA ROSA

Stéphane de la Rosa

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While public procurement law is very frequently the subject of specialised studies and manuals, works dealing more specifically with European public procurement law are paradoxically rare in French. In 2017, Professor de La Rosa’s textbook filled an unfortunate gap by devoting a textbook exclusively to European Union public procurement law, a work that is essential in view of the growing weight of European law in this field.

This second edition confirms its exhaustive approach by being built around the major themes that drive public procurement law, such as the different sources and the harmonised rules. These include the parties to the contract, the subject of the contract, the thresholds, the sectoral regulations and the excluded contracts. Similarly, the important developments on the awarding of contracts, their execution and the various contentious appeals give this manual a global scope for students, practitioners and specialists in public procurement law. This handbook thus has the advantage of being useful for both practitioners and researchers in both domestic and European law.

The second edition of this book provides readers with an important update due to the abundant case law of the Court of Justice, which has been particularly active in recent years. Another important addition is the incorporation of French legal developments following the recent entry into force of the Public Procurement Code. Similarly, Professor de La Rosa provides valuable developments on the legal consequences of Covid-19. In addition, the sections on the sources of public procurement, which are particularly rich and structuring, include welcome clarifications on the close relationship between public procurement law and competition law, illustrating once again the breadth of the analysis. Unsurprisingly, this manual confirms its status as a reference work on European public procurement law.

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Vincent Bridoux, Droit européen de la commande publique, Stéphane de LA ROSA, May 2021, Concurrences N° 2-2021, Art. N° 100234, p. 263

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