Droit de la concurrence (ed.2), Vincent MARTENET and Andreas HEINEMANN

Vincent Martenet, Andreas Heinemann

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It is now widely accepted worldwide that maintaining a competitive regime is an important and legitimate public task, and even requires some state intervention in the economy. This book presents, in an original way, the historical, economic and legal foundations of competition law. It thus allows the reader to understand the fundamental concepts and to grasp the main practical issues. The three main pillars of competition law (rules on restrictive agreements, abuse of dominance and merger control) are examined in detail from a comparative perspective. In particular, the law of the European Union and Swiss law are highlighted. The book also includes a presentation of the law of unfair competition and the law of state monopolies and state aid. Finally, it outlines some future prospects.



Vincent Martenet, Andreas Heinemann, Droit de la concurrence (ed.2), Vincent MARTENET and Andreas HEINEMANN, May 2021, Concurrences N° 2-2021, Art. N° 102322

Publisher Schulthess

Date 16 February 2021

Number of pages 336

ISBN 9783725585496

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