Droit de la distribution, Frédéric BUY, Marie LAMOUREUX et Jean-Christophe RODA

Frédéric Buy, Marie Lamoureux, Jean-Christophe Roda

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This manual provides a comprehensive overview of distribution law. The reader will find all the questions raised by one of the most dynamic sectors of the modern economy: contracts (franchising, concessions, selective distribution, commercial agencies…), networks (of suppliers, distributors), locations (shopping centres, virtual stores…), unfair (B2B, B2C) and anti-competitive practices.

The book, which is up to date with the most recent laws and decisions (Sapin II law of 9 December 2016, jurisprudence of the courts of appeal and high courts…), is aimed at students (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, various competitions: CRFPA, ENM, CCRF, ENA), but also at all academics and practitioners (lawyers, legal departments, magistrates) who are keen to find clear and reliable answers to the difficulties they encounter on a daily basis. The authors have made a pedagogical effort so that everyone can easily place the problems in their context (what are the power relationships? what is a central purchasing or referencing agency? what is a sudden break in a commercial relationship?) Readers will appreciate the originality of the book, which highlights the major current issues (mass distribution, agricultural sector, emergence of online platforms, globalization) and takes a cross-cutting look at the subject, bringing together contract law, competition law and consumer law. They will also find substantial developments in international and comparative law, particularly American law.

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Stéphane Rodrigues, Droit de la distribution, Frédéric BUY, Marie LAMOUREUX et Jean-Christophe RODA, May 2018, Concurrences N° 2-2018, Art. N° 86672, p. 243

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Date 1 August 2017

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