Competition journals: Jan. - March 2017

This section of the review Concurrences selects articles and working papers on themes related to competition laws and economics, mainly, but not only, in the English and French languages. This compilation does not attempt to be exhaustive but rather a survey on themes important in the area. The survey usually covers publications over the last three months after release of the latest issue of Concurrences. Articles and working papers published on the Internet only are also welcome. Authors, editors and publishers are welcome to send their papers to : for review in this section.

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1. General - Scope of application

Competition policy as a lever of industrial policy in post-war France C. Didry er F. Marty (Competition Policy, Oct.-Dec. 2016, Vol. 5, No. 4)

"The Competition Authority acts as a competition lawyer" - 3 questions to Isabelle de Silva, President of the Competition Authority D. Girard (JCP éd. G, n° 13, March 27, 2017, 360)

The concept of economic unity in European Union law A. Deroudille, RDUE (3/4-2016, p. 555)

The Application of EU Competition Law in the Energy Sector U. Scholz and T. Vohwinkel (JECLAP, 2017, Vol.8, No.3)

The Application of EU Competition Law in the Pharmaceutical Sector D. W. Hull and M.J. Clancy (JECLAP, 2017, Vol.8, No.3)

Is a trade union an undertaking under EU competition law? S. Bradshaw (European Competition Journal, 2016, Vol.12, Issue 2-3)

Family ties: The intersection between data protection and competition in EU law F. Costa-Cabral and O. Lynskey (Common Market Law Review, 2017, Vol.54, Issue 1)

A Return to Antitrust Populism? J.C. Cooper (The Antitrust Source, 2017, Vol. 16, No. 4)

Defining "Big Data" in antitrust X. Boutin and G. Clemens (Competition Policy International, 26 March 2017)

Data-opolies M. E. Stucke and A. P. Grunes (University of Tennessee Knoxville, Research Paper #316, March 2017)

The Sharing Economy: Regulation and the EU competition law D. Vitkovic (Global Antitrust Review, 2016, Issue 1)

Concentrations and State aid: between simplification and effectiveness? L. Idot (Europe, Feb. 2017, No 2, alert 6)

Activity of the Paris Court of Appeal in the field of competition (October to December 2016) P. Arhel (Petites affiches, 14 March 2017, No. 52, p. 6)

Competition Chronicle L. Idot (Europe, Jan. 2017, No. 1, comm. 18-19 and 38-41; Feb. 2017, No. 2, comm. 69-76 and 89-91; March 2017, No. 3, comm. 110-114 and 122-125)

Competition Chronicle D. Bosco and G. Decocq (Contracts, conc., consum. Feb. 2017, No. 2, comm. 39 to 42; March 2017, No. 3, comm. 57 to 62)

Competition Chronicle M. Chagny (RTD com., 12/2016, p. 719)

Chronicle European competition law: anti-competitive practices L. Idot (RTD eur., Oct.-Dec. 2016, No. 4, p. 813)

Competition Chronicle L. Idot, (Contract Review, 2017-1, March 2017, p. 113)

Competition Chronicle RJDA, No. 2/2017, Feb. 2017, p. 140

Column: Competition rules for companies T. Fouquet, V. Giacobbo-Peyronnel, C. Rémy and J. Sladic (JDE, Feb. 2017, n° 236, p. 55)

2. Agreements

2.1. General

The Toshiba judgment of the ECJ: the object no longer has effect A. Lacresse and D. Ferré (RLC 2017/58, No. 3127, p. 18)

Cyclical price evolution: competition or collusion? G. de Muizon (RLC 2017/59, No. 3149, p. 24)

Public Exchange of Information After Container Shipping I. Rabinovici (JECLAP, 2017, Vol.8, No.3)

Parity Clauses and Competition Law in Digital Marketplaces: The Case of Online Hotel Booking M. Colangelo (JECLAP, 2017, Vol.8, No.1)

Passive Participation in Anticompetitive Agreements L. Solek (JECLAP, 2017, Vol.8, No.1)

Collusion Under Risk Aversion and Fixed Costs D. Bernhardt and M. Rastad (The Journal of Industrial Economics, 2016, Vol.64, Issue 4, pp. 808-834)

Resale price maintenance and manufacturer competition for retail services M. Hunold and J. Mutters (The RAND Journal of Economics, 2017, Vol.48, Issue 1, pp. 3-23)

Collusion and heterogeneity of firms I. Obara and F. Zincenko (The RAND Journal of Economics, 2017, Vol.48, Issue 1, pp. 230-249)

Special Issue: Resale Price Maintenance a Decade after Leegin (Review of Industrial Organization, 2017, Vol.50, Issue 2)

Resale Price Maintenance with Secret Contracts and Retail Service Externalities T.S. Gabrielsen and B.O. Johansen (American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2017, Vol.9, Issue 1, pp. 63-87)

2.2. Distribution

Chronicle Distribution Law D. Mainguy, J.-L. Respaud and S. Destours (JCP éd. E, No. 6-7, 9 Feb. 2017, 1079)

Restrictions on the use of third-party platforms in selective distribution agreements for luxury goods A. C. Witt (European Competition Journal, 2016, Vol.12, Issue 2-3)

The Ripple Effects of Online Marketplace Bans A. Ezrachi (World Competition, 2017, Vol.40, Issue 1)

Broad retail price MFN clauses: are they RPM "at its worst"? A. Fletcher and M. Hviid (Antitrust Law Journal, Vol. 81)

The Bitter Medicine: Competition Law and Parallel Trade in the Pharmaceutical Sector P. A. Perinetto and N. Latronico (World Competition, 2017, Vol.40, Issue 1)

3. Abuse of dominance

Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox L. M. Khan (The Yale Law Journal, January 2017, Vol.126, No.3)

Should the rejection of the "as efficient competitor" test in the Intel and Post Danmark II judgments lead to dismissal of the effect-based approach? M. Marinova (European Competition Journal, 2016, Vol.12, Issue 2-3)

The reform of the application of Article 102 TFEU: mission accomplished? P. Akman (Antitrust Law Journal, Vol. 81)

4. Restrictive practices

The room for manoeuvre of professional federations and interprofessional organisations in the implementation of the price renegotiation clause for food products recalled by the CEPC J.-M. Vertut (RLC 2017/59, No. 3152, p. 39)

The Judge’s Assumption of Power over Trade Negotiations - About the Galec Decision M. Behar-Touchais (JCP éd. G, n° 10, March 6, 2017, doctr. 255) See also, with regard to the judgment of the Commercial Chamber of the Court of Cassation of 25 January 2017, What remains of the principle of contractual freedom in distribution law? S. Le Gac-Pech (JCP éd. E, No. 4, 26 Jan. 2017, 1053); La Cour de cassation autorise un contrôle judiciaire du prix en application de l’article L. 442-6, I, 2°, du code de commerce (note sous Com. 25 Jan. 2017), F Buy (D. 2017, No. 9, 2 Mar. 2017, p. 481); De l’ordre dans le "déséquilibre significatif"? P. Vanni and A.-C. Martin (RLC 2017/59, No. 3147, p. 17); Significant imbalance: the price "agreed" between the parties can be controlled by the judge (BRDA 4/17, 15 Feb. 2017, p. 14)

Abusive business practices: procedural rules that can penalize litigants O. Kuhn and A. Renard (BRDA 7/17, 1 April 2017, No. 27, p. 23)

The development of the law on restrictive practices of competition or the triumph of injury S. Le Gac-Pech (JCP éd. E, No. 11, March 16, 2017, 1152)

Abrupt termination of established commercial relations N. Mathey (JCP ed. E, No. 12, March 23, 2017, 1166)

The commercial relationship established with an association N. Dissaux (JCP ed. E, No. 10, March 9, 2017, 1135)

Adequacy of the sanction in the face of the brutality of the termination of an established commercial relationship S. Le Gac-Pech (JCP ed. E, No. 5, Feb. 2, 2017, 1066)

Chronicle Distribution and competitor protection M. Malaurie-Vignal and N. Mathey (Contracts, conc., consum. Feb. 2017, no. 2, comm. 32 to 38; March 2017, no. 3, comm. 51 to 56)

5. Concentrations

Merger Law Chronicle D. Bosco and C. Prieto (Contracts, conc., consum. Feb. 2017, no. 2, chron. 1)

Going Digital: How Online Competition Market Changed Definition and Swayed Competition Analysis in Fnac/Darty S. Genevaz and J. Vidal (JECLAP, 2017, Vol.8, No.1)

Merger remedies: fostering innovation? F. Kartner (European Competition Journal, 2016, Vol.12, Issue 2-3)

The Anticompetitive Effects of State Ownership A. H. Zhang (King’s College London, March 2017)

Gun-Jumping Enforcement: A Comparative Analysis Lyle-Smythe and J-J. Tingle (Antitrust Magazine, Spring 2017)

Pass-Through and the Prediction of Merger Price Effects N.H. Miller, M. Remer, C. Ryan, and G. Sheu (The Journal of Industrial Economics, 2016, Vol.64, Issue 4, pp. 683-706)

Can mergers increase output? Evidence from the lodging industry A. Kalnins, L. Froeb and S. Tschantz (The RAND Journal of Economics, 2017, Vol.48, Issue 1, pp. 178-202)

6. State aid

Concept of aid and selectivity of measures L. Idot (Europe, Feb. 2017, n°2, p.36)

Concentrations and State aid: between simplification and effectiveness L. Idot (Europe, Feb. 2017, n°2, p.2)

State aid: private creditor test in a market economy (note under EU Trib., 15 Sept. 2016) H. Aubry (D. 2017, No. 1, Jan. 5, 2017, p. 42)

Selectivity and discrimination: some thoughts on the Court’s judgments of 21 December 2016 in the World Duty Free Group and Hansestadt Lübeck cases S. Thomas (RLC 2017/58, No. 3130, p. 37)

Excessive Widening of the Concept of Selectivity P. Nicolaides (EStAL, 2017, Vol.16, Issue 1)

Overseas State aid J.-L. Albert (Rev. of the European Union February 2017, No. 605, p. 90)

Chronicle of French and European case law on State aid L. Ayache and C. Michellet (Rev. of the European Union January 2017, No. 604, p. 53)

State Aid and the Banking System in the Financial Crisis: from Bail-out to Bail-in S. Lucchini, J. Moscianese, I. de Angelis and F. Di Benedetto (JECLAP, 2017, Vol.8, No.2)

The Binding effects of Guidelines on the Compatibility of State Aid: How Hard is the Commission’s Soft Law? A. Bouchagiar (JECLAP, 2017, Vol.8, No.3)

Balancing Environmental Protection, Competitiveness and Competition: A Critical Assessment of the GBER and the EEAG J. Maillo (EStAL, 2017, Vol.16, Issue 1)

Application of the State aid rules to the creation of development banks: is there scope for simplification? I. Taylor (Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, 2017, 5(1))

7. Public sector and competition

Competition, Regulation and the Public Sector Column S. Naugès and L. Ayache (Contracts, conc., consum. March 2017, no. 3, chron. 2)

8. Procedures

8.1. General

"Loyalty in the administration of proof": a principle in the hot seat? R. Amaro (Contracts, conc., consum. Feb. 2017, no. 2, alert 6)

Action in case of violation of an off-grid resale ban C. Nourissat (Proceedings, March 2017, No. 3, comm 38)

Right Obut! The ordinary summary proceedings, an alternative to requests for protective measures before the Competition Authority? O. Billard (RLC 2017/59, n° 3148, p. 22)

Infringement of the reasonable period, the Court of Justice finds that R. Milchior (RLC 2017/59, No. 3151, p. 34)

Reopening EU Competition Investigations After Judicial Annulment: beyond Procedural Errors P. A. Biolan (JECLAP, 2017, Vol.8, No.2)

8.2. Sanction Policy - Clemency - Settlement

Appropriate sanction in competition law F. Prunet (Cahiers de droit de l’entreprise, No. 1, Jan. 2017, file 3)

Punishing parents for the sins of their child: extending EU competition liability in groups and to subcontractors B. Wardhaugh (Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, 2017, 5(1))

8.3. Actions for damages

Actions for damages by victims of anti-competitive practices - About the Order and Decree of 9 March 2017 S. Carval (JCP éd. G, n° 12, March 20, 2017, 298)

Passing-on and assessment of economic harm caused by anti-competitive practices R. de Nijs and M. Arnoux (RLC 2017/58, No. 3129, p. 32).

Private Enforcement of EU Antitrust Law and Its Relationship with Public Enforcement: Past, Present and Future W. P.J. Wils (World Competition, 2017, Vol.40, Issue 1)

Arbitrability of EU Competition Law-based Claims: Where Do We Stand After the CDC Hydrogen Peroxide Case? D. Geradin and E. Villano (World Competition, 2017, Vol.40, Issue 1)

Making Contribution Work: The Liability of Immunity Recipients under the EU Antitrust Damages Directive C. Koenig (University of Goettingen, Institute of Business Law, February 2017)

9. Regulations

Dispute resolution and the judge C. Bihan-Graf and E. Creux (Energie-Environnement-infrastructures, Feb. 2017, n° 2, p. 12)

ANODE v. Prime Minister and others"; The natural gas market between public service and competition. CJEU 7 September 2016 - Case C-121/15 A.Fourmont, (RDUE (3/4-2016, p. 666) See also C. Georgiva (EDJ, Jan. 2017, No. 235, p. 12)

The general statute of independent administrative authorities adopted M-C. de Montecler (AJDA, 16 Jan. 2017, No. 1. p. 4)

10. International policy

The impact of Brexit on UK competition law and policy F. Souty (Contracts, conc., consum. March 2017, No. 3, Study 3)

The Antitrust Jurisprudence of Neil Gorsuch J. M. Newman (University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law, Research Paper No. 164)