Jeux et paris en ligne. Vers un cadre juridique européen.

Fabienne Peraldi-Leneuf

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For more than twenty years, the Court of Justice of the European Union has had the opportunity, in landmark judgments on lotteries, casinos, games to kill, electronic or online gambling recently, to define the rules governing the legitimacy of these services under the rules of the European Union’s internal market. In the absence of European legislation in these areas, the court has been led, while recalling the freedom of the national authorities as regards the organisation and management of games on their territory, to control the proportionality of national regulations which maintain public monopolies.

Today, given the considerable developments in the online gambling sector, the major legal issue is whether specific legislation would be relevant for the European Union. Recent texts published by the European Commission indicate that such a solution is not desirable at present, due to the too great diversity of national systems. Instead, after wide consultation in the Member States, it proposes a more flexible European framework based on the coordination of national policies in different areas rather than on the development of common legislation.

In view of the general interest issues at stake, this book aims to take a position on possible actions, and proposes a reflection on the design of a coherent European framework. The topics covered are those presented by the European Commission in its Communication :

  • Protection of consumers and vulnerable groups.
  • Sport and the fight against cybercrime.
  • Funding of charitable and public-interest activities and events/taxation of games.
  • The comparative role of gaming regulatory authorities.
  • Technical standardization of gambling.

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Stéphane Rodrigues, Jeux et paris en ligne. Vers un cadre juridique européen., May 2016, Concurrences N° 2-2016, Art. N° 78969, p. 269

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