Market Building through Antitrust

Adrien de Hauteclocque

Market Building through Antitrust investigates the role of antitrust policy in the building of competitive energy markets in Europe.

By looking at the specific problem of long-term supply and access contracts in the electricity sector, the book questions the suitability of antitrust policy as a market building tool. It shows that the institutional infrastructure that pre-dated competitive reform and the politics of liberalization have largely shaped the current dynamics at work in European energy regulatory practice. In particular, antitrust law has increasingly been used as a quasi-ex ante regulatory tool, thereby raising problems in terms of economic efficiency, legal certainty and political legitimacy.

By mixing legal, political and economic perspectives, this book will appeal to a wide range of readers from academia in law, economics and political science, regulatory and competition authorities, as well as legal and consulting practices and business economists.

‘Antitrust is a sledgehammer to the creation of European-wide markets. How does it really work though? Take the case of power contracting. Look at the smart and fresh view from a promising scholar: Adrien de Hauteclocque. A must read.’ – Jean-Michel Glachant, European University Institute, Italy

‘Long-term energy contracts pose one of the greatest challenges for EU competition law. Focusing on electricity markets and contracts, this book provides interesting new approaches and guidance in this area of EU law. The book also examines a wider and even more difficult issue: what role can competition law have in creating markets. The book delivers. It is a remarkably lucid account of difficult issues. A must-have book for practitioners and policy makers alike.’ – Kim Talus, University of Eastern Finland

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Athanase Popov, Market Building through Antitrust, May 2014, Concurrences N° 2-2014, Art. N° 65173, p. 247

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Date 1 February 2014

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