BIBLIOGRAPHY: JALABERT-DOURY Nathalie, Bruylant, Collection FEDUCI, 2nd edition, 2013, 504 p.

Les inspections de concurrence

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Competition authorities have very broad powers of inspection within companies and they now exercise these powers at the highest level of efficiency in order to detect and sanction the most serious infringements of the competition rules quickly. These competition inspections are usually unannounced and can be spectacular, with the heaviest inspections frequently mobilising a dozen or so competition investigators, law enforcement officials, IT specialists and even other specialised technicians. To deal with such an event, the company must organize itself upstream so that the entire chain of command concerned by an inspection - from the hostesses to the main managers - adopts the right reactions.

Only then will the company be able to "manage" the inspection, which implies :

  • to rigorously meet its obligations,
  • to ensure that his rights are respected,
  • to implement the level of cooperation which will have been decided upon beforehand,
  • to avoid the disruption of its operational services.

The book provides the Legal Departments with the necessary elements for such preparation and serves as a guide in the event of an inspection by providing them with answers to the most recurring questions. For this reason, the book is designed in a resolutely practical manner, with boxes providing examples, spines and don’ts, graphics and extensive appendices. This book takes stock of the texts and case law in a subject that has evolved considerably in recent years, both at European and French level.

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David Leys, Les inspections de concurrence, May 2014, Concurrences N° 2-2014, Art. N° 65179, pp. 249-250

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