Immixtion de l’intérêt général au sein des procédures de concurrence en Belgique/Immenging van het algemeen belang in procedures van mededingingrechet in België

Dominique Grisay

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The aim of the book is to provide the reader with a comprehensive, synthetic but complete overview of Belgian competition law.

Business managers will find all the principles governing Belgian and European competition law, which apply in particular to anti-competitive agreements, abuses of a dominant position, mergers, but also to state aid, in a handy volume that can be consulted.

For their part, legal practitioners will be able to use this comprehensive book in support of their work in drafting deeds, whether contracts or administrative or judicial remedies. To this end, the book systematically distinguishes between the organization of the Council, substantive competition law and the applicable rules of procedure.

Finally, the originality of the book lies in its analysis of the decisions taken by courts and tribunals in competition matters.