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See translation in english Competition Law, Innovation and Antitrust: An Analysis of Tying and Technological Integration

Competition Law, Innovation and Antitrust : An Analysis of Tying and Technological Integration

Hedvig Schmidt

Cette rubrique Livres recense et commente les ouvrages et autres publications en droit de la concurrence, droit & économie de la concurrence et en droit de la régulation. Une telle recension ne peut par nature être exhaustive et se limite donc à présenter quelques publications récentes dans ces matières. Auteurs et éditeurs peuvent envoyer les ouvrages à l’intention du responsable de cette rubrique :

This innovative book assesses the hotly debated topic of tying from three different perspectives : competition law, economics and intellectual property rights. It highlights the faults and benefits of the current approaches to tying under EC competition law and US antitrust law.

In the light of modern economic thinking, the recent review of Article 82 EC, and Sherman Act, Section 2, the author identifies a more economic approach to tying that moves away from the per se illegality label that has so far impinged on tying case law. Hedvig Schmidt recognizes the significance that tying can play on innovation and product development, and thus suggests a new approach which carves out a safe haven for technological integrated products to ensure continuous stimulation of innovation.

With comparative assessments and investigations, this book is a must-read for academics specializing in competition law and theory, as well as practitioners and policy-makers of competition law and intellectual property.



Hedvig Kathryne Skytte Schmidt, Competition Law, Innovation and Antitrust: An Analysis of Tying and Technological Integration, May 2010, Concurrences N° 2-2010, Art. N° 110101

Publisher Edward Elgar Publishing

Date 30 December 2009

Number of pages 304

ISBN 9781848446328

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