The Development of Competition Law - Global Perspectives

Roger Zäch, Andreas Heinemann, Andreas Kellerhals

Competition law has changed substantially since 1990. The worldwide tendency toward market-based economic systems has induced many countries to adopt competition rules.

This innovative book discusses the global character of competition law focusing on three interrelated perspectives; firstly, the impact of economics on competition policy; secondly, the competition law experience in selected countries (USA, EU, Japan, India, China, Brazil, transition countries) and how the law has adapted to the political, economic, geographic and cultural environment; and thirdly, the process of internationalisation and convergence of competition law.

This book will be an invaluable read for academics and postgraduate students in competition policy, economics of law and international business law, as well as for competition law practitioners in international firms.

‘. . . the volume provides interesting insights and provokes deeper reflection on various issues. It can thus be recommended to anyone interested in the international development of competition law and policy.’ – Arndt Christiansen, European Competition Law Review

‘The work provides an impressive overview of the various and relevant aspects of competition law, and offers a new insight for advanced students and researchers interested in the development of competition law. The potential challenge before policy-makers to find a proper balance in the use of economic theories in competition law has been argued in this book, and it shows the ample scope for additional research on this issue.’ – Avinash Dadhich, Communications Law

‘This is a very valuable book! It collects symposium papers that analyze key issues and important developments in global competition law today. It explores methodological foundations, including the roles of economics, and recent experiences in key countries (China, Japan, India and Eastern Europe). One section contains highly illuminating articles on private enforcement, criminalization of competition law, the role of globalization and the process of competition law change. All of the articles are valuable, and many are outstanding.’ – David J. Gerber, Chicago-Kent College of Law, US

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Stéphane Rodrigues, The Development of Competition Law - Global Perspectives, May 2010, Concurrences N° 2-2010, Art. N° 31369, p. 199

Publisher Edward Elgar Pub

Date 28 February 2010

Number of pages 352

ISBN 978 1 84844 446 1

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