L’application en France du droit des pratiques anticoncurrentielles

Marie-Chantal Boutard Labarde, Guy Canivet, Emmanuelle Claudel, Valérie Michel-Amsellem

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Competition law, an exciting, moving and disruptive subject, is now a must for anyone interested in business law. This branch of law, which is concerned with economic life, is in constant evolution. Its understanding and correct application therefore require knowledge of its logic, its objectives, its mechanisms as well as the major stages that have led it to what it is today. The ambition of this book is to present them. This book, which is both doctrinal and technical, is the result of the combined viewpoints of academics and judges, private practitioners and publicists. It offers students, academics, lawyers and legal practitioners a rich and abundantly illustrated manual. Both French and European law on anti-competitive practices are studied, as applied in France by the Competition Council and the various competent jurisdictions. After defining the basic concepts of the subject (relevant market, company, etc.), the book describes the conditions for qualifying the main competition law offences (anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position and economic dependence, abusive low prices). It then explains in detail and with documentation its procedural law before dealing with its implementation by the Competition Council, the ordinary courts, both judicial and administrative, and by the arbitration courts. Far from being a simple re-edition of the work published in 1994, this book is anchored in the major movements that characterize the field: communitarization, the growing place of economic reasoning, the importance of sanctions, litigation and negotiated instruments, the impact of networks... It hopes to provide both answers and food for thought.



Marie-Chantal Boutard Labarde, Guy Canivet, Emmanuelle Claudel, Valérie Michel-Amsellem, L’application en France du droit des pratiques anticoncurrentielles, May 2008, Concurrences N° 2-2008, Art. N° 110315

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