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See translation in english Criminal Antitrust Litigation Handbook (ed.2)

Criminal Antitrust Litigation Handbook (éd.2)

American Bar Association

Cette rubrique Livres recense et commente les ouvrages et autres publications en droit de la concurrence, droit & économie de la concurrence et en droit de la régulation. Une telle recension ne peut par nature être exhaustive et se limite donc à présenter quelques publications récentes dans ces matières. Auteurs et éditeurs peuvent envoyer les ouvrages à l’intention du responsable de cette rubrique :

Criminal antitrust enforcement has become the highest priority of the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, and this completely revised and updated Second Edition of the Criminal Antitrust Litigation Handbook reflects this resurgence in criminal enforcement and litigation. The Handbook addresses the criminal litigation process in detail beginning with the initial criminal charge and continuing through trial, sentencing, and appeal. Together with Handbook on Antitrust Grand Jury Investigations, the practitioner is afforded a comprehensive treatment of the criminal antitrust process from investigation through prosecution and penalty.

Criminal Antitrust Litigation Handbook, Second Edition outlines the law that governs each phase of the criminal litigation process. The Handbook reflects the combined knowledge, experience, and judgment of a significant group of prominent and successful government prosecutors and defense counsel in addressing procedure and strategy as well as all relevant legal requirements. The book imparts many practical insights that have been gained after lengthy personal experience ""in the trenches.""

The Handbook addresses four distinct phases of the criminal process :
 Issues often confronted at the commencement of a criminal case, including the return of the charge and arraignment, representation of defendants, and potential plea negotiations
 Criminal discovery rules and process
 Trial-related issues, including important steps in pre-trial preparation, formulation of jury instructions, and assessment of potentially available post-trial motions
 The sentencing process and appeal

Criminal Antitrust Litigation Handbook, Second Edition is the product of the sustained collaborative efforts of numerous members of the defense bar and prosecuting attorneys from the DOJ Antitrust Division. The result is a wealth of insights and a balanced perspective not otherwise available in any other publication. Criminal Antitrust Litigation Handbook, Second Edition is a unique resource for lawyers who prosecute antitrust offenses, those who represent corporate and individual defendants, and those who counsel clients on the methods and virtues of compliance.



American Bar Association, Criminal Antitrust Litigation Handbook (éd.2), May 2006, Concurrences N° 2-2006, Art. N° 110401

Publisher ABA Book Publishing

Date 4 March 2006

Number of pages 565

ISBN 9781590313695

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