Experimentalist Competition Law and the Regulation of Markets, Yane SVETIEV

Yane Svetiev

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This book charts the emergence of experimentalist governance in the implementation of EU competition law as a response to uncertainty and the limits of hierarchical enforcement in an increasingly dynamic and heterogeneous economic environment. It contributes to ongoing debates about the current state of EU competition law and provides an innovative account of emergent enforcement trends and its future direction. It also argues that an experimentalist evolution of competition law and market regulation attenuates concerns about the competitive strictures of EU law on national economic and regulatory institutions.

Through its focus on experimentalist governance, the book provides guidance on completing experimentalist infrastructures for market regulation, as well as on the role of courts in triggering and sustaining experimentalist solutions. As such, it offers a novel perspective on implementing competition law in the EU and beyond.


  • University of Sydney


Yane Svetiev, Experimentalist Competition Law and the Regulation of Markets, Yane SVETIEV, February 2021, Concurrences N° 1-2021, Art. N° 102239

Publisher Hart Publishing

Date 26 November 2020

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ISBN 9781509910670

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