Conceptualising Procedural Fairness in EU Competition Law, Haukur Logi KARLSSON

Haukur Logi Karlsson

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What constitutes a fair procedure when it comes to EU competition law?

This innovative book seeks to understand the philosophical considerations at the core of conflicting procedural fairness arguments in EU competition law practice. The author argues for a conceptualisation of procedural fairness as a distributional issue that can be solved by a practical fairness theory and a comprehensive methodology. To illustrate the usefulness of the conceptualisation, three procedural fairness problems from recent EU competition law practice are analysed:

 The KME–Chalkor cases;
 The Groupe Gascogne cases;
 The regulatory question about using a collective redress mechanism for private enforcement of EU competition law.

This unique approach provides a robust philosophical and methodological foundation for arguing about a wide range of procedural fairness dilemmas. The book is a must-read for academics and practitioners seeking an imaginative perspective on the philosophical foundations of arguments about procedural fairness in EU competition law and beyond.



Haukur Logi Karlsson, Conceptualising Procedural Fairness in EU Competition Law, Haukur Logi KARLSSON, February 2021, Concurrences N° 1-2021, Art. N° 102262

Publisher Hart Publishing

Date 17 September 2020

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ISBN 9781509935413

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