Mélanges en l’honneur du Professeur Claude Lucas de Leyssac

This section selects books on themes related to competition laws and economics. This compilation does not attempt to be exhaustive but rather a survey of themes important in the area. The survey usually covers publication over the last three months after publication of the latest issue of Concurrences. Publishers, authors and editors are welcome to send books to stephane.rodrigues-domingues@univ-paris1.fr for review in this section.

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The Mélanges en l’honneur du professeur Claude LUCAS DE LEYSSAC brings together the contributions that his friends, colleagues, disciples, high-ranking magistrates and lawyers wished to write in homage to a free and creative spirit.

A great commercialist, he left his mark on the Master 2 in Business Law and Economics at the University Panthéon-Sorbonne, of which he was the director. Repudiating the artificial gap between theory and practice in the teaching of law, he was for a long time director of the Institut d’études judiciaires Jean Domat while he excelled in the legal profession.

These Mixtures have been created to reflect the image of their dedicatee, his endearing and original personality, his activity and his interests. Bringing together the rules applicable to competition and consumption, market law, to which this forerunner has durably attached his name and on which his original and strong thought will not cease to radiate, obviously occupies a place of choice.

But the book also echoes the eclecticism of the issues that Claude Lucas de Leyssac has been reflecting on over the years, from his doctoral thesis to his latest collective work. It thus contains articles relating to other disciplines of private law (banking and financial law, company law, common contract and civil liability law...) as well as contributions that herald new debates, in homage to Claude Lucas de Leyssac’s freedom of spirit.

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Stéphane Rodrigues, Mélanges en l’honneur du Professeur Claude Lucas de Leyssac, February 2019, Concurrences N° 1-2019, Art. N° 89479, P. 246

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