Regulating Competition in the EU

Pernille Wegener Jessen, Bent Ole Gram Mortensen, Michael Steinicke, Karsten Engsig Sorensen

Competition law in the EU includes a wide range of topics and has developed into a very comprehensive area of regulation. This book covers the broader perspective of competition law, giving an overview of a very complex domain of EU law. Through all relevant sources of primary and secondary EU law the book presents the intricacies of the present competition framework for businesses and public entities. It draws the lines between the different areas, and between competition law and the internal market project. The book covers all aspects of traditional EU competition law, as well as issues not formally regulated in the TFEU section on competition rules – the competition issues of the liberalised sectors and public procurement.

Among the matters covered are the following:

  • the substantive rules on Articles 101 and 102 TFEU;
  • the enforcement rules of these provisions;
  • merger control;
  • the liberalised sectors, with focus on energy, transport, postal services and telecommunication;
  • state aid;
  • public undertakings; and
  • public procurement.

With its enhanced view of EU competition policy, regulation, and enforcement, and its emphasis on specific industry sectors, this book offers an unusually thorough view of aspects of competition law which play an essential role in regulating the conduct of undertakings and public authorities in the market. It will be of special value to any lawyer, policymaker, or scholar active in European competition law.