Competition Case Law Digest: A Synthesis of EU and National Leading Cases

Nicolas Charbit, Edouard Verté, Geraldine Babin, Luisa Di Lauro

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This second edition of the Digest is enriched with a selection of more than 50 essays on European competition cases from the 27 European Union Member States, EU law, and US law. Each essay consists of a synthesis of the leading cases from 1990 onwards. These essays are organized in two parts. Part I deals with Competition Provisions (Cartels, Dominance, Merger, State aid, etc.) whereas Part II deals with Business Sectors (Automobile, Broadcasting, Healthcare, IT & Telecommunications, Sports, etc.). This new edition of the Digest provides an enhanced overview of the areas of convergence and remaining diversity of competition law in Europe featuring also analysis of key areas of US Antitrust law. This book has proven to be one of the most valuable and useful resources currently available to build a body of comparative law in Europe. It highlights both convergence and divergence in various areas and sectors of European competition law, making it easy for both practitioners and academics to draw comparisons between jurisdictions.

With contributions from: Dirk Arts, Sara Ashall, Stefania Bariatti, Edward Batchelor, Alf-Henrik Bischke, Jochen Burrichter, Etienne Chassaing, Michael Clancy, Martin Coleman, Justin Coombs, Christopher J. Cormier, Frederic Depoortere, Martin André Dittmer, Eryk Lucas Dziadykiewicz, Alberto Escudero, Ariel Ezrachi, Cani Fernández, Lúcio T. Feteira, Andrés Font Galarza, Ian Forrester, Denis Fosselard, Kyriakos Fountoukakos, Hans W. Friederiszick, Athanasia Gavala, Damien Geradin, Elzbieta Glowicka, Stefano Grassani, Roberto Grasso, Alejandro Guerrero Perez, Farin Harrison, Patrick Harrison, Zoltan Hegymegi-Barakonyi, Márton Horányi, Bojana Ignjatovic, Maria Ioannidou, Keith Jones, James A. Keyte, François-Charles Laprévote, Pasquale Leone, Annabelle Lepiece, Martina Maier, Peter Malone, Giulio Matarazzi, Stephen C. Mavroghenis, Katrien Meire, Francesca Miotto, Samantha Mobley, Luca Montani, Luís D. S. Morais, Dimitris Mourkas, Irene Moreno-Tapia, Eric Morgan de Rivery, Phedon Nicolaides, Gunnar Niels, Paul Nihoul, Rainer Nitsche, Kristina Nordlander, Greg Olsen, Vincent Power, John Ratliff, Douglas Richards, Stéphane Rodrigues, Nick Root, Francesco Russo, Albert Sánchez Graells, Thomas Sharpe, Abigail Slater, Patrick Smith, Ulrich Soltész, Richard Steuer, Jules Stuyck, Christof Swaak, Claudio Tesauro, Aleksander Tombinski, Ingrid Vandenborre, James S. Venit, Lars Wiethaus, Frank Wijckmans, Johan Ysewyn and Hans Zenger.

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