BOOKS: BRUNESSEN Bertrand, PICOD Fabrice, ROLAND Sébastien, Bruylant, 2015, 829 p.

L’identité du droit de l’Union européenne. Mélanges en l’honneur de Claude Blumann.

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Professor Claude Blumann’s contribution to European Union law is considerable. Through his doctrinal work and his action within various institutions, Claude Blumann has made a unique contribution both to the scientific knowledge of European Union law and to its recognition as an autonomous discipline of the Law Faculties. He is thus one of the authors who has contributed most to uncovering and even shaping the identity of European Union law, the identity of both the discipline and its object.

Disciplinary identity, first and foremost. Professor Blumann’s work encourages us to think about the subject "European Union law" in its academic singularity, to reflect on how it should be taught and studied. He has worked to ensure that it has a life of its own and is not approached in a diffuse, transversal and ultimately cursive way through the traditional disciplines of law faculties. Its efforts have thus enabled its full recognition as an autonomous discipline, from, in particular, the creation of a teaching of material law in L3 to the registration of a specific European law exam in the first competitive examination for the agrégation in public law.

Identity of the object, i.e. the scientific singularity of European Union law, secondly. Through his doctrinal work, but also through his work in research centres, the organisation of and participation in scientific events and the supervision of theses, Professor Blumann has contributed to clarifying the major fundamental problems of European Union law, the "existential" questions of this law, to use a word he likes. The legal nature of the Union, the major institutional balances, principles and procedures, and the meaning of European policies were at the heart of his reflection.

Professor Blumann is thus credited with having been both a thinker of the process of European integration, whose irreducible specificity he sought to reveal, but also, and as a consequence, with having taken up the challenge of establishing a separate branch of legal studies.

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Stéphane Rodrigues, L’identité du droit de l’Union européenne. Mélanges en l’honneur de Claude Blumann. , February 2016, Concurrences N° 1-2016, Art. N° 77979, p. 265

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