Mundi et Europae civis - Liber Amicorum

Dirk Arts, Ivan Verougstraete, Karel Marchand, René Foqué, Wouter Devroe

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Among the more than forty contributions (in English, French and Dutch) in honour of Jacques Steenbergen, Professor at the Catholic University of Leuven and Director General of the Belgian Competition Authority, those dealing specifically with European competition law are: Dirk Arts and Karel Bourgeois (Some Reflections on the Effect on Trade Concept Contained in Articles 101 and 102 TFEU, p. 331); Jacques H. J. Bourgeois (On the Internal Morality of EU Competition Law, p. 347); Geert De Baere (Tussen ’A la recherche de l’union perdue’ in ’L’Union retrouvée’? - Enkele gedachten bij een zoektocht langsheen subsidiariteit, evenredigheid en nauwere samenwerking, p. 375); Bruno de Vuyst (Cookies in Europa, p. 397); Chris Fonteijn and Annetje Ottow (Independence of Competition Authorities - Independence in Heart, Mind and Law, p. 405); Hans Gilliams (Proportionality of Fines for Infringements of Competition Law, p. 405). 415); Inge Govaere and Valérie Demedts (Towards an ’Ex Ante’ or ’Preventive’ Application of Article 102 TFEU in the Commission’s Policy Pursuant to the Astrazeneca-Case, p. 441); Alexander Italianer (Competition Policy and the Food Sector: A Matter of Taste? p. 465); Bruno Lasserre (Le réseau européen de concurrence : entre réussites et défis, p. 475); Koen Lenaerts (The Interplay between Regulation No. 405 and Regulation No. 406, p. 406); and Koen Lenaerts (The Interplay between Regulation No. 405 and Regulation No. 406). 1049/2001 on Access to Documents and the Specific EU Regulations in the Field of Competition Law, p. 483); Rob Mok (Mededinging, doel of middel? p. 493); Andreas Mundt (Ten Years of ECN - Cooperation at its Best, p. 503); Tom Ottervanger (Food for Thought: van staatssteun & standstill, p. 515); Ewoud Sakkers ("A Good Hearing Sooths the Heart" - Of Procedural Justice, Legitimacy and Compliance, p. 515). 523); René Smits (Sustainable Competition Law Enforcement: Animal Rights, p. 533); Geert van Calster (De Europese IPR regels inzake bevoegdheid en toepasselijk recht bijschadeloosstelling na mededinging beperkende gedragingen, p. 533). 543); Bernard van de Walle de Ghelcke (Handhaving van de EU-mededingingsregelen, procedurele autonomie en bevoegdheid van nationale mededingingsoverheden: ’en liberté surveillée? p. 555); Anne-Marie Van den Bossche (Over de privaat- en publiekrechtelijke implicaties van de wisselwerking tussen de publiek- en privaatrechtelijke handhaving van de EU-mededingingsregels, p. 565); Piet Van Nuffel (Human Rights and Competition Law: Do Undertakings Have a ’Fundamental Right’ of Protection of Confidential Business Information? p. 565). 579); Monique van Oers en Maarten Schueler (Landsgrenzen en de beboeting van inbreuken op artikel 101 en 102 VWEU door nationale mededingingsautoriteiten, p. 593); Alexis Walckiers (Extending merger control to minority shareholdings: some advantages and disadvantages, p. 609) and Wouter P. J. Wils (Ten Years of Regulation 1/2003, p. 621).

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Stéphane Rodrigues, Mundi et Europae civis - Liber Amicorum , January 2015, Concurrences N° 1-2015, Art. N° 70694, pp. 260-261

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