L’aviation commerciale et le droit antitrust, Romain PAPY

Romain Papy

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Following the liberalization of the European air market, airlines have deployed themselves in a new competitive environment. Faced with the emergence of low-cost airlines, traditional airlines have reinforced their consolidation strategies (alliances and mergers) around their pubs in order to connect their networks and generate economies of scale and density. These consolidations can create and reinforce barriers to entry in certain markets and at major congested airports. In addition, certain practices have sought to prevent the arrival of these new entrants through behavior that restricts competition (cartels, predation, discriminatory loyalty programs, vertical restrictions).

Since 2004, air transport regulation has been strengthened, notably through the adoption of common antitrust procedures and the extension of control to non-European alliances. The Commission has developed a global approach to market definition and the evaluation of competitive effects, and has sought to reinforce the effectiveness of corrective measures by imposing the release of slots to competitors. However, between the need to promote the emergence of new entrants, the safeguarding of consumer interests and the necessary creation of "European champions", European competition policy remains a source of complexity.



Romain Papy, L’aviation commerciale et le droit antitrust, Romain PAPY, February 2014, Concurrences N° 1-2014, Art. N° 104746

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