Implementation difficulties of Regulation N°330/2010: Specific issues to certain forms of distribution (Caen, 4 October 2013)

The second roundtable of the conference held in Caen, the 4th October 2013 was dedicated to the implementation difficulties of Regulation n° 330/2010. Christophe Alleaume and Miguel Troncoso Ferrer study in this contribution the specific issues to certain forms of distribution. For Christophe Alleaume, the Commission Regulation (EU) n°330/2010 is obviously in favor of the online selling. First, as a principle, it is not allowed to forbid the online distribution in the context of vertical agreements. Second, there are very few exemptions/ opting-out clauses (some are legal only if they do not have any anticompetitive effect). Nevertheless, the “under statute” of the pure players is regrettable. It is a point which is worthy of further consideration. Miguel Trencoso Ferrer’s contribution aims to provide an analysis of the selection criteria that might be applied within a selective distribution network, on the basis of the criteria laid down in Regulation 330/2010, the Guidelines on Vertical Restraints, and the recent case law of the European Court of Justice. It also examines how in practice the aforementioned criteria can be enforced by undertakings in the market. Finally, drawing lessons from the legal texts analyzed, some thoughts are given on the likely future course of selective distribution.

II. Les difficultés d’application du règlement : Les problématiques particulières à certaines formes de distributionLa distribution en ligne Christophe ALLEAUME Professeur, Université de Caen - Basse-Normandie 1. La lecture du règlement n°330/2010 de la Commission du 20 avril 2010 concernant l’application de l’article 101, paragraphe 3, TFUE à des catégories d’accords verticaux et de pratiques concertées [1], combinée à celle du chapitre 3 des lignes directrices sur les restrictions verticales [2], montre - clairement - la faveur de la Commission européenne pour la distribution en ligne : il est, en effet, en principe, “interdit d’interdire” cette forme de distribution dans les accords verticaux [3]. Une telle interdiction constitue une “restriction caractérisée” susceptible de priver l’accord vertical

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Miguel Troncoso Ferrer, Christophe Alleaume, Implementation difficulties of Regulation N°330/2010: Specific issues to certain forms of distribution (Caen, 4 October 2013), February 2014, Concurrences Review N° 1-2014, Art. N° 63017,

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