William E. Kovacic, An Antitrust Tribute - Liber Amicorum, Vol. I - N. CHARBIT, E. RAMUNDO, A. CHEHTOVA, A. SLATER (ed.)

Nicolas Charbit, Anna Chehtova, Abigail Slater

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This Antitrust Tribute is a selection of 31 essays providing an insightful and original look at the antitrust law to which Prof. William E. Kovacic has contributed so much. This first volume, mainly covering issues of U.S. and European antitrust law, gathers articles by prominent authors among Professor Kovacic’s friends and colleagues. It is organized into two parts. Part I, entitled “An Antitrust Career”, consists of 9 papers that pay tribute to Kovacic as a man, professor, and public official. They offer an original as well as enthralling picture of his scholarship and public enforcement efforts. Part II, entitled “New Frontiers of Antitrust”, includes 22 articles covering different aspects of competition law, ranging from cartels in the U.S. and Europe to mergers analysis, private rights of action, antitrust settlements, etc. The overall result is a collective work that offers the opportunity to look over the antitrust world not only as a “cold” field of law, but also as a lively discipline to whose growth Prof. Kovacic has contributed greatly. Volume II will focus on the international career of William E. Kovacic and on international and bilateral antitrust issues.


 "What a fitting tribute this is to one of the most admired figures in the competition law community, filled with insights, reflections, and laughs. Competition lawyers are a competitive lot and nothing brings out their best like some friendly rivalry to pen the cleverest accolades to a colleague who has won respect and affection the world over. From revealing remembrances to perceptive scrutiny of antitrust policy, this collection features exploration of such timely issues as the scope of FTC authority and the role of international cooperation among enforcement agencies. A unique addition to the competition law literature, this volume will make Professor Kovacic proud." Richard M. Steuer, Mayer Brown

 "There are few among us whom one can call a "legend in his own time." Bill Kovacic is among those few. His accomplishments in the international antitrust arena as a scholar, a public servant and an educator are unparalleled. It is thus meet and just that An Antitrust Tribute Liber Amicorum is devoted to him. Volume I is comprised of 31 articles by a veritable pantheon of contributors who collectively constitute the crème de la crème of the international antitrust community around the world. The articles are uniformly of the highest intellectual and practical interest. Volume I should indeed be a welcome addition to the literature and to the libraries of antitrust afficianados." Barry Hawk, Fordham University

 "Bill Kovacic is one of our premier antitrust thinkers, writers and teachers. This book collects essays on Bill’s many facets, and illuminates them with the power of friendly observation.“ Kent Bernard, Fordham University

 "In quite a unique way, this tribute to Bill Kovacic captures not only the brilliance of his antitrust scholarship, but the essence of the man. For those of us who have had the pleasure of working with Bill, the contributions in this book remind us of the extraordinary role Bill has played in promoting competition principles around the globe. To its credit, however, the book goes well beyond a recitation of his accomplishments and aptly describes how Bill has combined intellect, humor and oratory skills to reach unparalleled heights in the antitrust community." Jeffrey Schmidt, Linklaters

 "Antitrust enforcement is now routinely front page news across the world. Reflecting on the innumerable personal and professional contributions of Bill Kovacic to the field, this book explores the evolution of the complex contours of modern-day U.S. and international antitrust law. It thoughtfully confirms and helps satisfy the age-old principle that before we can claim to truly understand where we are presently or where we may be headed next, we must have a firm grasp on how we arrived here in the first place." John Terzaken, Allen & Overy

 " “William E. Kovacic: An Antitrust Tribute” gathers a collection of thoughtful articles from leading scholars and practicing attorneys. Its breadth of subjects and its consistent quality of authorship is impressive and provides material warranting close study by sophisticated antitrust enthusiasts. This Liber Amicorum is a novel publication theme in American legal literature. With this publication, the style will likely be followed, but Concurrences Journal and the Institute of Competition Law sets a high standard to meet." David Laing, Crowell & Moring

 "Bill Kovacic is one of the brightest stars in the Antitrust Constellation. This book pays tribute to his remarkable career, not just in the United States, but throughout the world, as a scholar, regulator, an acolyte for sound policy. Besides highlighting Bill’s long lasting influence, the book offers insightful, penetrating essays on many of competition policies most pressing issues, including the standards for dominance, merger policy, and convergence among the growing number of competition agencies." Tim Muris, Kirkland

 "The first volume of the festschrift celebration of Bill Kovacic’s careers in the academy and public service successfully captures the myriad and diversity of Bill’s contributions to competition law and policy. During his tenure at the Federal Trade Commission and the universities where he has taught, he has had a profound influence on his students—which I define to include both those inside and outside the classroom—as well as an important impact on many important areas of antitrust. As the book well captures, he single-handedly has focused the antitrust community on the often neglected institutional dimensions of a modern and effective competition law enforcement. As a consequence there is probably no person whose guidance has been sought more often by developing competition regimes. The book brings together a distinguished array of scholars, agency officials and practitioners who know both the man and his work and who are able to well portray both Bill’s thought leadership but also Bill’s qualities as a amiable professor,colleague and genuine nice guy." Terry Calvani, Freshfields Bruckhaud Deringer

 "This is an incredible volume in honor of an incredible person whose footprints cover the globe. The roster of authors is also stunning. It includes not only some of the best and most interesting antitrust authors but also, fitting to Bill, it spans the world from US to Europe to China; and the book spans the subjects and philosophies of antitrust. Not least, book chapters recount, with obvious admiration and often humor, highlights of Bill’s multitudinous contributions to antitrust, including what I believe to be his most foundational – Bill’s virtual creation of the field of antitrust institutions." Eleanor Fox, New York University

 "This Liber Amicorum is a fitting tribute to Professor Kovacic, whose historical research and writing, international consulting, and senior policy-making at the U.S. FTC have made him one of the most widely respected and influential figures in the worldwide competition community during the past twenty years. Consistent with Professor Kovacic’s emphasis on the importance of competition "R&D," this volume contributes important pieces from many of the field’s leading scholars and practitioners on a wide range of issues, ranging from merger analysis to cartels to private rights of action. Practitioners and scholars alike will want to become familiar with these articles on the most cutting-edge issues in competition policy today, as well as with the contributions and career of one of the field’s most distinguished intellectual leaders." Susan Creighton, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati