Competition Law and Regulation of Technology Markets, Kevin COATES

Kevin Coates

Competition Law and Regulation of Technology Markets takes a practical,integrated approach to EU and US competition law and regulation in the technology sector - including major trans-Atlantic cases such as Microsoft, Google/Doubleclick, and Intel, and important comparative issues such as refusal to supply (Microsoft, Trinko), margin squeeze (Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, EU Guidance Paper, Linkline), communications regulation and data protection.

The books unique perspective focuses on the information, communication and media markets that form the new economy. It provides a coherent analysis of these various markets by considering the regulatory context, and by addressing the issues, and ensuing legal problems, that are common to them. These include; high fixed costs, the importance of intellectual property and standards, the impact of interoperability, and the prevalence of network effects.

This book is indispensable for competition lawyers in private practice or in-house at technology companies, and for practitioners specialised in these sectors. The book is also suitable for advanced degree courses in communications and technology law.

  1. The first practitioner work to give a comparative examination to EU and US competition law and regulation within the information, communication and media markets
  2. Unique analysis of the relationship between EU/US competition law, intellectual property, telecoms regulation and data protection
  3. Includes dedicated chapters on pricing, product design, standards and interoperability, communications networks and data protection
  4. Outlook sections examine possible future developments and law reform
  5. Written by an official in the Directorate General for Competition in the European Commission with prior in-house experience at a global communications firm

"iCompetition Law and Regulation of Technology Marketsr successfully accomplishes an ambitious task, addressing nearly all the important issues and delivering a complete picture of US and EU competition law generally and the impact of the law on technology markets in particular." - Bojana Vrcek, Computer and Telecommunications Law Review

"A comprehensive and valuable study of the application and applicability of competition law in the context of technology markets." - K.Kühnel-Fitchen, The Modern Law Revie w

"Kevin Coates’ well written and concise volume suceeds perfectly in establishing its own niche in this market. The author provides a lucid, well researched and comprehensive overview of the most important issues arising from the interation between competition, intellectual property and regulation." - Ioannis Lianos, World Competition, Law and Economics Review

"This is an excellent treatise on EU and US competition law, intellectual property law, and regulation as applied to technology, information, communication networks and media. Through the technology lens, the book engages with the cutting edge of the law and thus is able to explain the applicable legal principles, and the critical US/EU divergences, clearly and insightfully. The book promises to be invaluable to practitioners, enforcers and students alike." - Professor Eleanor M. Fox, Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation, New York University School of Law

"Apart from its substantive depth, this book benefits from a fluent writing style: for a book on the law, its a real page-turner. For someone interested in the topic of technology markets and competition law, this book is no remedy for sleeplessness. It races through the key topics in a rather exciting way, without sacrificing substance. Not an easy feat." - Concurrences

"Kevin Coates had set a new standard for competition law texts with this excellent contribution, which should be read by all US and European competition, telecoms and Internet lawyers and economists. The insightful commentary is authoritative and decisive on current controversies, and the breadth of subject matter sets this apart: from Google mergers and privacy issues, to interconnection and network neutrality, to exhaustive examination of the Microsoft cases set against Intel, to 3G standards and FRAND, to software, interoperability and copyright. The most advanced competition cases are almost invariably in technology markets, and this is an indispensable guide, with an excellent blog covering updates" - Chris Marsden, University of Essex

"This is a thorough and thoughtful review by someone who is extremely well informed and an excellent exposition and analysis of the issues and challenges facing the IT sector. I will have this book on my desk at all times, and it is a "must have" for all ICT lawyers." - Maurits Dolmans, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

"...this book fills a sorely-felt gap." - Ahmet Fatih Ozkan, European Competition Law Review

"...a very valuable work and will become a leading text in the field...of particular interest for academics, antitrust enforcers, regulators and policy makers." - Riccardo Sciaudone, Internaitonal Journal of Law and Information Technology

"Coates has sought to tackle complex questions in a lively, exhaustive and stimulating manner, and has succeeded in making a key contribution to the debate in this area, which is going to stretch for several years in the future." - Arianna Andreangeli, Common Market Law Review