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More Common Ground for International Competition Law?

Josef Drexl

In recent years, an impressive proliferation of competition laws has been seen around the world. Whilst this development may lead to greater diversity of approaches, economic arguments may promote convergence. The contributions to this book look at a number of the most topical issues by asking whether the competition world is turning more towards convergence or diversity. These issues include, among others, the changing role of economics in times of economic crises and political change, the introduction of criminal sanctions, resale-price maintenance, unilateral conduct and the application of competition law to intellectual property and state-owned enterprises.

More Common Ground for International Competition Law? will appeal to academics, PhD students, and postgraduate students of law and economics, members of competition agencies, legal practice and international business.

‘It is of great value to academics, and also to lawyers and economists.’ – Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor, The Barrister Magazine

‘This volume contains many excellent chapters on some of the most cutting edge topics in competition law today. Among the contributions are assessments of new approaches to competition law analysis, analyses of central and controversial topics in the relationship between competition law and intellectual property, and explorations of new transnational developments in China and elsewhere. The chapters range from studies of specific cases to broad interpretations of major trends. I found many of them to be highly insightful and very useful.’ – David J. Gerber, Chicago-Kent College of Law, US

‘This fresh collection of essays by scholars from around the world lives up to its title: it stakes out more common ground for the competition law systems of nations. The chapters result from the fourth annual conference of the Academic Society for Competition Law (ASCOLA). The essays cover major issues that reverberate around the world today, including: How should we think about the economic foundations of competition law in view of new research on behavioral economics and consumer choice? What is the future of the treatment of resale price maintenance? What is the proper fit of intellectual property with competition law? And how do we promote competition law and policy across borders? The collection offers insight from law, economics, political science, business strategy, and history.’ – Eleanor Fox, New York University, US

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Catherine Prieto, More Common Ground for International Competition Law?, February 2012, Concurrences N° 1-2012, Art. N° 42033, pp. 260-261

Publisher Edward Elgar Pub

Date 1 November 2011

Number of pages 328

ISBN 978 1 84980 394 6

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