Bruylant, Editions Yvon Blais, Bruxelles, 2005, 335 p.

Les fusions-acquisitions aux USA

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A business lawyer in the USA for more than twenty years, Yves Quintin demystifies in this book both the American legal system, sometimes caricatured, and M&A operations in the USA. He dismantles the workings of the American legal system, where a class of lawyers/entrepreneurs regulate the activities of companies and make up for regulatory shortcomings through a "law market". Lawyers and financiers responsible for investments in the United States must imperatively understand these deep-seated corporate drivers before undertaking an acquisition in the United States: they run risks from which even the French government has not been able to escape, as demonstrated by the Executive Life/Crédit Lyonnais case. Yves Quintin then unveils the key success factors, both theoretical and practical, of a successful acquisition in the United States, from understanding the regulatory aspects to the tax and accounting aspects, through the stages of a negotiated acquisition and those of a hostile takeover. Foreword by Bernard Poussot, President, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and preface by Alain Tchernonog, General Counsel, Veolia Environnement.

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Florence Legeay, Les fusions-acquisitions aux USA, February 2006, Concurrences N° 1-2006, Art. N° 885, p. 227

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