Ententes, abus de position dominante, concentrations économiques: Droit communautaire, Droit français

Francis Lefebvre

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With the repeal of the old regulations and the entry into force of regulations 1/2003 and 139/2004 on May 1, 2004, competition law has undergone real upheaval. It is now up to companies to determine whether an agreement is prohibited or not...

Faced with this loss of legal certainty, it is necessary to surround yourself with the best specialists in order to act correctly in a new European economic space. Antitrust, abuse of dominant position, economic concentrations, brings you all the elements to make your decisions in complete security.

The book is designed in an original way, integrating the two bodies of rules -EU and French- in a parallel manner by setting out precisely the anti-competitive practices: those which are sanctioned and those which, under certain conditions, may be authorized. The rules of administrative and jurisdictional procedure are also discussed in detail: complaints, investigation, control, appeal.

More than 200 pages of annexes reproduce all the Community and national texts. And, the publication references of all the decisions of the European Commission’s Competition Council are also cited. In addition, numerous examples illustrate the proposed solutions.



Francis Lefebvre, Ententes, abus de position dominante, concentrations économiques: Droit communautaire, Droit français, December 2004, Concurrences N° 1-2004, Art. N° 110505

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